PS4 Kraken Meta!


So 90% of the time we play a Kraken, why you ask?! Because that monster is crazy right now. Everyone picks it including Silver masters and think there good. Any other monster is a fair fight but the krakens ability to spam vortex, banshees, and a glitched visual lightning strike is next to impossible to win. Maybe not on PC because you can get constant headshots with your easy to use mouses. Take the goliath for example, he doesn’t keap smash while throwing a rock and before he lands has fire breath on you… so why should a kraken get to vortex, banshee, and lightning strike all in a matter of 2 seconds?? We are one of the best teams on the ps4 and we win 8/10 games when the monster isn’t a Kraken, when it is a kraken it’s truly a challenge to win against just a silver master. A micropatch for this game is needed bad and most of the ps4 community agrees that kraken isn’t in a good place right now. Very monster favored or should I say KRAKEN FAVORED at this point. Please fix this game as it’s become ng increasingly harder each day to play this game, Or is it time to finally move on? hmm


Because different Monsters have different pros and cons and different abilities. Why should Behemoth be rooted when Goliath can be mobile during his attacks? Same reason different circumstance.

  1. If your team cannot win against 1/7 of the game’s Monsters then you’re not the best.

  2. Prove that you’re “one of the best teams”.

  3. Winning 8/10 games doesn’t mean you’re one of the best.

  1. The game gets harder every day? Impossible if the balance isn’t changed. Perhaps you’re getting worse.

  2. Move on I guess? There’s an incoming micropatch but if you can’t wait I dunno what to tell you.


What’s your PSN?


@10shredder00 you are a pc player, I have played this game on pc as a hunter, completely different ballgame! It’'s to easy as a hunter, on the ps4 where the big boys play, we have a tougher time fighting monsters because we don’t use a mouse and the pc is a shooter favored system. Krakens on ps4 are close to impossible to win, and I just saw in the next micropatch that they are giving a 1 second cooldown on vortex and lightning strike. Nail in the coffin right there. The top monsrers on ps4 are literally LAUGHING right now. Awful that such an amazing game has become so unbalanced. Most people (even on the forums) agree that krakens are OP, crazy right?!


And the beliefs of those on the forums are not fact.

Just because many believe a certain balance is off doesn’t mean it is or that they know how to fix it.


What comp do you guys typically run?


Spread out and take up positions on the high ground. Only move when you need to and don’t clump up - this is the basics for dealing with any monster, not just Kraken. People complain because they don’t know how to deal with him.

Mobility > Squidface, so everybody should take MS (more ground covered) JPR (dodges) or DR (if you want to tank). Your assault should be OG Markov or Hyde. There’s two comps I’ve found successful when dealing with Kraken:

  1. RV/Cabot/Abe/Hyde; DoT, combine that with mobility you’re looking at a pretty nasty combo once you find the fucking thing.
  2. EMET/Hank/Abe/Markov; also a good choice, but you need to have a team that knows how to keep in a kill box and don’t bunch up.

If you’ve got those down and don’t clump up, you can deal and punish with the kraken just like you would with any monster.


What is this fair fight you speak of? Hunters constantly use any comp that guarantees them success and I find it very interesting that you say that when the most common hunter comps consist of slim+hank+waste maggie+parnell in most cases if anything the two that remain are hank+waste maggie. For the other monsters vs those comps it not much of a fair fight. (yeah and the reason i say this is because people from our console openly said the chase comp was balanced so yeah :expressionless: the way I think about it at this point is a given)


Yes people who want a fair fight agree with this but in this forum are so a lot of people who maint the monsters and dont want nerfs on their main monster, cause than they cant farm easy wins anymore.

Hunters will be nerfed further, thats the sad thing…

Funny thing: Many of those players here who saying just dodge as hunter or get good and so on dying faster as hunters than a dayfly. So why they die that fast, when the hunters are so OP and you just have to doge and so on.

I dont enter here the Twitch-Videos cause this would disgrace the players but what I can say is: They are the players who crying as loudest here that the monsters need buffs and saying the Kraken is in a good state.

This Statement only belongs to Evolve console version!

Good games will come out in the next months. After the summer patch I am not sure if Evolve is still playable on Console. Maybe its time.

The next patch balance the game for the PC Hunter Players to reduce the damage of them but on console we get it too and our damage was already lower than on PC.


I played kraken against pubs the other day. 2 of them were below level 20 (I know. That supposedly makes me a monster).

I lost. Legit tried to win against them and actually got my ass handed to me…


In the wrong hand he is bad but in the right hand the Kraken is OP as hell.
You never should lose as Kraken in pubs never.


Woah! Don’t go giving us PS4 players a bad name.

Also I can aim perfectly fine with my controller.

I’m not saying he doesn’t need to be toned down but me and my friends have taken down plenty of krakens


I’ve beaten them with you before. It’s plenty doable. He’s not unstoppable. Just difficult.


Wow some Silver Experts / Masters Krakens. In the right hands above these levels its near to impossibe to beat him.

But this means still not that he is fair balanced.


I never said he was fairly well balanced and anybody above silver master and beyond should be hard. You don’t stay that high in rank without winning near all of your games.


I totally agree on this, @Brian_Paul please don’t be insulting people and starting a console/PC war. That’s ridiculous. PC aiming is easier, put there are people on controllers with spot on aim, and I imagine while shooting is easier on PC, so is aiming Krakens ranged abilities. Either way, please don’t be so hostile, we are a community.


As long as you fight kraken high you should be good, and have laz my group are almost positive that laz is the key to kill kraken. Although your right krakens are pretty much the only monster we fight.


This lets him target hunters easily without taking much damage. Especially when he downs a hunter.

He’s still a problem here.

Yep. Kraken’s abilities are just buffed Melees, and don’t plant him when he uses it. AfterShock does, but that’s only 1/4.[quote=“Brian_Paul, post:1, topic:85542”]
A micropatch for this game is needed bad and most of the ps4 community agrees that kraken isn’t in a good place right now. Very monster favored or should I say KRAKEN FAVORED at this point.

TU9 is fixing his LS visual, but I don’t know if they are fixing anything else about him.


Wow i didnt think evolve only had kraken on ps4


Just saying, most top 15-20 Monsters on PS4 don’t run Kraken.