Ps4 issues



First off, don’t want to start a flaming war or something…
I love to play this game on both ps4 and pc, but the difference is absolutely huge.

Been trying to play ps4 today, but takes plus 1hr to get a game going?
Disconnects in game, returning to lobby, game in progress, all kinds of weird stuff when trying to get hunt 2.0 with team.

I just want to know if you know about this issue, what the cause of this might be and if your working on fixing this? Maybe too little servers for the ps4 side?

Thanks in advance,

Or is it psn not working properly in combination with this game?


The issue has been going on for 4 weeks on PS4, it’s always on the weekends, everybody is affected. Turtle Rock says it’s PSN’s fault. PSN say it’s TRS. Once again a weekend where I can barely play evolve. All TRS does is shrug it’s shoulders and say “it’s PSNs issue”, to do with their “match making system”.

Well guess what TRS, even if it IS their issue, what the hell have you done to try and get them to fix it? NOTHING. Complete abdication of responsibility. Burying their heads in the sand and hope it goes away.

I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am. Not a lot gets my blood boiling, but one thing is people who are meant to do a job, take responsibility yet do neither. That’s the story here.

If it’s PSN’s fault, it’s not my responsibility as a gamer, as THE CUSTOMER, to be the one banging on PSN’s door asking just wtf is going on. But no, it feels like they have done absolutely nothing. They literally don’t care. I could understand not intervening/approaching PSN over 1 player’s issue. but this is affecting the ENTIRE PS4 community and so it deserves a high level of executive attention.

Hopefully AuPair or some other dev has the bottle to reply here, because you don’t have a leg to stand on.


@Bot @Buckets_Sentry_Gun since Miss. Rainbow warrior said she would be giving updates and explained why here, should this be closed?

Also @JacktheGamer you need to calm down m8. Insulting the devs is only going to provoke things more.


You really should read that other topic about psn issues, since you obviously missed it:

And then I hope you take back what you just said.



@LadieAuPair will come to you with updates in the above linked post.