PS4 has lots of bugs since DLC patch


Ok firstly like most people on this forum I love evolve but I’m getting rather frustrated with evolve With every passing day Mainly since the latest patch/DLC was released,I have had to create an account because of how angry I’m getting with it.

The game was almost running perfectly on launch till this patch just come,I’m going to list all the bugs I’ve encounted:-

1-load times are ridiculous now I mean seriously soo…
2-game keeps crashing with lots of different error messages each time
3-game sometimes freezes or crawls to a alt like slow mo in pre game lobby
4-graphics bugs galore player models in character selection screen have floaty black squares or distorted colours,in game screen flashes of bright flickering colours.
5-sound bugs,sometimes noises keep playing as if there’s a never ending gun firing
6-Torvalds shotgun keeps shooting noise after its stopped,rather annoying
7-leaving territory after leaving dropship
8-certain terrain items I.e a rock can be walked through As if it’s not there

There’s probably more I’ll think of after this or encounter but that’s the majority right there.

I regularly check the evolve Twitter feeds and I’m a bit worried about the lack of communication on ETA of patches or any bugs that are getting looked at.

Thanks for reading my post I hope these things get fixed as I’ve temporary quit evolve because in my eyes it’s unplayable.


Yeah fully agree with you