PS4 group/ regular players/ prefered roles



I am looking to start a group with some people in their preferred roles. I currently play a medic and i am looking for an assault, trapper and support to put in alot of game time with.

My PSN is X-Alpha_Dogz-X

Feel free to add me. Mic is necessary


Starting a match atm but I’ll add you when it’s over. I can run support, or trapper if you find a support.


cool got another guy aswell who plays medic/assault so just need a trapper really


If you ever need more people, this should make things easier:

Happy Hunting!


I main trapper. PSN is tooth_and_nail


just needing an assault now.


I main a medic, but can play any role effectively. I hate getting stuck on teams who don’t communicate so I would love to squad up. I’m not online at the moment but my psn is dj_Kail.


I main trapper! Psn: CSilverstein

Would love to team up with people who have mics… Make new friends. Just message me on psn and say it is for evolve

Trap on


My psn is theicecoldshark and I prefer to play support but I’ll play whatever. I also have a mic and play a lot on the weekends