PS4 Graphical Glitch [Epilepsy Warning]


This is arguably one of the hardest games I’ve played and it’s not because of the skill levels on my friends it’s the visual glitch that makes it harder to play. It seems that particles and lighting are what cause the issue but not quite sure what causes the malfunction.

Edit: It occurs on Hunters, Monster, and Observer as well and will continue once it starts until the application is restarted.

Really bad graphical errors on PS4

Oh wow monster gets that too?
I thought it was only hunters.
I’ve had to deal with Slim and Hyde blinding me as their Support.


I’ve got it as Monster, Hunter, and even observer.


Yeah it’s kinda game breaking.
Worse for monster though.
Trying to see those tiny shapes.


Yeah, I just posted about the same thing.


It realllyyyy burns ya eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bad pun is bad


Good food is good.

Nom. :pizza:

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Thanks for making a video of the problem. Getting some more eyes on it.

@MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper @Shaners


Looks like a Movie doesn’t it? O.o

(Made by Michael Bay >.<)


Thanks for the video its a known issue still trying hard to fix this one.


No problem I hope it helps.

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Its a really low repro rate believe me we want this issue fixed as well, but restarting the app will make it go away.

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Yeah I have no theories as to what causes it because everytime it happens it’s extremely random. And like you said closing the app does stop it but unfortunately it messes with the game flow with your group. Although speaking of it I have had a few occasions where multiple people in my group get it at the same time. It could be unrelated or coincidence but something worth checking.


This seem to happen alot on dark jungle map like Refueling Tower, Fushion Plan, Med Lab, … I did have it on Armory as well but not as much as those map above , and quite a few games when this happens and cause alot of trouble when we were playing on ESL.




That feeling when you get this bug, but power through and win, without holding your team back. :stuck_out_tongue:


Weather seems to be a big player in whether it happens on PC. Dust storms or rain storms increase the chances of it happening I find.

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I thought it maybe connection, but i might be wrong?? Sometimes, go back to the main ps4 menu may fix it, sometimes not. Well, just have one last night when the game just start on the dropship.


The worst is Markov, the whole screen is filled with blue lightning. Unplayable