PS4 -- Good trapper looking for BETTER group to improve with


I’m a good trapper (or support, and a decent medic), very communicative, and a team player.

I’m looking for a group that is even better than me, that I can play together with, learn new things, relearn what I already know and improve upon my skills with.



At first I thought this said “Good looking Trapper.” >.>

May want to add PS4 to the title, for ease of identification. :slight_smile:


I’m to conceited for that.
I would’ve said “unimaginably sexy trapper”


Fair enough.


this thread title still sounds like a bad dating website :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m an amazing medic :smile:
PSN: xino_zero


Not sure if I’m good enough but if you wanna make new friend then psn is blackhorns101291 :smile:


Psn - canyoufelix


PS4 support player :

Psn setitallonfire


Hey man, wanna play together? I play assault!


hey xino are you still playing on gamebattles with that one team that got second?

or was that a different guy. we played in pubs and you were a killer val lol.


PS4 Battlefront528

I can play anything, main as trapper but can also play medic or assault. Hit me up.


You interested in gaming later tonight? Im get a group tigether and need a medic, support, or trapper


I play everything, but I’m best at Trapper or Medic.

PSN: Plaff_

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add me and my bro.

akumasrage11 and asurasxwrath.

Medic and support.

i can play all roles tho.


PSN: Divine__Demon


I won’t be on tonight, but I’m always interested in finding a solid group, so if you add me I can probably play at some point.


I’m ranked fairly high on the leaderboards as Maggie but flexible with other classes. My PSN is Harbinger9252


I don’t know what game battles is.
but I play in pubs alot.
I rarely use val. but who knows could have been me you never know


Plaff you play PS4 too? :smiley: