PS4 "Glicko instead of rank"?

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What does this mean?

I think it means that perhaps the matchmaking was using the wrong criteria to match people before, and now it’s using the algorithm that it is meant to?

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Well if it sorts out the HUMONGOUS wait times I’m all for it.

Since people seem to have missed this…

To my understanding, it seems like now matchmaking will be based more on you actual performance in matches, as opposed to your ranking.

The confusion here is that rank could mean your hunt 2.0 rank, but also your level (level 40, etc). It’d be good to get a clarification on this I guess.

Precisely my point. I read it as in your level, I.e I’m a level 40 but I keep ending up with level 5s.

Just a bit unclear as to what’s being changed.

Also does the patch change it so it doesn’t base off rank any more or that it does? So much mystery!!!

The mystery will hopefully be solved soon :slight_smile:

If it means no more hunter teams of Silver Skilled, Bronze Destroyer, Undetermined Laz who manually revives, and Undetermined useless assault who gets eaten by mega-mouth after running away on his own vs. Silver God-like Wraith who runs all match then decimates at generator, then i’m on board.

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I read it as being your points (Under Hunt Leaderboard) rather than say trying to match me (Monster Silver Master) with hunter silver masters?

Sure it will be made clear soon enough.

Downloading now PS4

Oh so it means I can find games one day a week