PS4 gamer tags -looking to party up

Hi guys looking for players to add to my friends list to make parties in game as match making is so bad!

Please add : Trav-89- & Megz-89-

And post your own tag so we can start grouping up!


Trapper Main (Griffin), Support Secondary (Bucket/Cabot).

Trav has added you

Lots of PSN ID’s here.


Name is ‘UrbanSoldier10’ I have got Elite on the base 3 Medics, Maggie, Crow and Jack for trappers, along with Markov. Please have a mic so we can communicate ^^

I main Jack and I have to say im pretty good with him. Respond if you still need someone.

Razor__fox (2 underscores)

I’ll play anything really. In happy with most roles as long as the team works well.


Prefer trapper but will play any role


Prefer assault with hyde and sometimes lennox. Don’t mind playing as laz every once in awhile.

Think I am lowest silver rank atm.

PSN: Brambo07
I main assault usually playing Markov or Torvald. Can play the other classes if needed. Usually online between 9pm and 12am CST during the week and randomly during the weekend. Looking for skilled teammates that have a mic but still want to have fun playing the game.

Thanks everyone iv added you to Trav and my friends list makes it easier to find a game when we group up if we on at the same time

BigMoNsTeR6277 is me, I main Maggie and Sunny but I’m pretty good with everyone