PS4 Game files


So how would I be able to access the files of PS4 games? Would I have to back up the save data to a USB port, plug it into my computer, and then I would see the files?


Its in settings under the System storage management tab. Hitting that will take you directly to every file you need on your PS4


So I would be able to see every individual file for a game? I’m not trying to hack my games, I am against hacking in games.


If you are talking about actual game files, like textures, models, sounds ect, then no. Those files are encrypted anyway, both on console and PC.

The save data you find for your games are usually just your custom settings.
In Evolve for example all your progression, stats and bought characters/skins ect are stored somewhere on TRS’/2k’s servers. Your save data only contains settings like controller layout, gamma setting, look sensitivity ect.

So, if you tell us what you are actually looking for, we might be able to help you.


I was looking for those. I just wanted to see if accessing game files changed. For example, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis’s files were easy to access and you could mod them easily. I was wondering if you could do the same for Evolve. I’m glad you can’t because then people could be able to get everything for free in a few minutes.