[ PS4 Freeze + Video ] - Behemoth


going on from my kraken bug report:

Here is another problem when behemoth is in the game.
It looks like we have lagged out but we haven’t the game will do this then shortly after i can either quit to main menu or the game will crash.

I managed to save a video anyway.

The same happens with kraken too, but it’s not as consistent as behemoth. @fernart @Melo

Another similar problem report, i just noticed:


I have been having the same issue. the Kracken starts freezing and glitching. when I play as the behemoth i have so far froze 6 times in game play and every time I was close to winning. I have had occurrences where a new hunter when attacking me freezes near me and were both stuck. I get stuck in small spaces and when I begin to roll i get stuck; it got so bad that i had to unplug my ps4 because the whole game froze and wouldn’t allow me to exit, it reset everything. this started happening after the new update! I might not even play this game anymore if their isn’t a got fix soon. when i’m in a party and i freeze the whole party freezes and we all have to reset our ps4’s constantly.


Thanks guys for the info, we are working on fixing this issue. I know its a cookie cutter reply but we want this fixed as much as you do.


I had the exact same thing happen to me last night, on the Xbox One.

Playing Defend on Water and Power map. will attempt a video if i can later


Thanks alot! Hope you can fix this issue asap :smile: