PS4 Founders


Hello! I woke up this morning to see a video about “Evolve stage 2” on YouTube and I immediately clicked the video, and soon enough I was freaking out about free evolve on steam. I looked into the game on steam itself and I noticed the founders bonuses, and then I became sad very quickly when I realized I bought Evolve on ps4 and not on steam… I really hope I can still get the founders bonus eventually because I have devoted so much time and money (I’ve bought all of the season passes and a handful of skins) to Evolve (I LOVE the game SO much and am super looking forward to it even if I cant get the bonuses)


The f2p update arrives on PC today.

Once it gets to a good place the update will be rolled out on consoles, and as far as I’m aware you’ll get founders status on your console when the update comes to you


is there any way that I can get founders on pc too because I planned on spending most of my time on pc with my friends that play evolve


Just go purchase a copy of Evolve and activate it on Steam. Easy!


I already have evolve for ps4, but I was wondering if I am going to be a founder on both versions because I’ve spent quite a load of money on Evolve


I don’t think you have a shot of founder on the PC now. You most likely missed the chance there.


Not so, all you need to do if you want Founder status on pc is pick up a retail copy of Evolve and activate it on Steam. Bam!


Oh! Well that’s neat.


T-T that sucks because I cant do that rn, I wouldn’t have bought evolve for my ps4 in the first place if my computer wasn’t broken at the time



so I just found out that there is still a ray of hope for founders to come cross platform from the stream


What did they say? I’m not really in a place to watch a stream


the question of whether having owned EVOLVE and DLC on consoles would be reflected if you moved right now to PC with the free version, and the response from TRS Devs was it “possibly something that might happen down the road”…not a certainty but a possibility.