PS4 - Flying/infinite jetpack/jump hunters


Console - PS4

Played a game today where a Laz player was able to jump and slowly continue to rise into the air. He was able to reach heights above that which my Kraken could fly and seemed to max out somewhere around the apex of a dome (though he may have been able to get higher once the dome was down). He seemed to be in control of it, he was using it to evade damage.

The Laz had a constant air running animation during the “flying”.

Not sure if this is related to the infinite jetpack fuel bug or if this is something different with the same appearance.

Tried to record a vid of it, but I seemed to have accidentally restarted the recording at the end of the match instead of saving it T______T

EDIT: Changed “hack” to “bug”. Didn’t mean to insinuate the guy was hacking, typed it unconsciously. Very much believe it was a bug.

video of the bug

Drinking the Blood of the Kraken to gain his powers. (Flying Bug)

One one occasion I has I finite jetpack for half of the match. I wish I would have recorded it. Can’t recall the circumstances though


I do believe this is a bug, @TheMountainThatRoars has vidyahs of Himself as hyde doing the same thing


Hmm, did it happen when Laz ran straight off cliff/drop?


Not sure when it happened. I was making noise waiting for the hunters to come to my ambush, but they didn’t come and spammed round restart (already restarted 3 times, once because 2 joined late, medic included). When I came to the dropship area of Aviary, I engaged and saw Laz out-flying me.

He was going up and down in arcs as you would see when you jump. He was also able to maintain max altitude in the same spot for approx 15 secs? At which height I couldn’t hit him. When it started, I have no idea though. I thought it was just a regular game, with the laz player jumping to my height to snipe me in the face, until Laz went OVER me whilst I was at max altitude…


Hmmm, I didn’t have much control over it when it happened to me. It was more of a hindrance than a help.


Yeah, it was hard for me to tell if it was really him in control or not. I denied the round restarts to capture the vid, but then didn’t save it so… =I


Monster ignored my request too, to his sorrow.


XD I won my match. I just waited until Laz came down to rez, and killed him. Then I defended his body like a wolf from Markov and Hank.


If he came down to rez, it’s not the same as my issue.


Ahh, yeah, this guy changed altitude. He had a constant running animation, and was rising and falling, rezing and shooting.


Let me know if it’s like my vids


Looks quite similar. Hard to say without a vid for comparison, especially from a hunter/Laz perspective, but I’ll wager it’s the same bug.


Added a video of the bug in the OP


Actually seen a video of this recently where a whole team was doing it against a kraken or something. They had a dome in the air o.0


i played sunny yesterday and had infinite jetpack boost. i boosted everyone soooo much. but then the monster killed me and after the dropship everything was normal again :3