PS4 Evolve Tournaments- Organizational Information


NOTE- These rules are the same as MarineS0n2’s xbox tournament thread. These rules were adapted from that thread to fit PS4 Requirements.
Must apply an entire team (below), solo or partial applications can be made he saying SOLO APPLICATION
Must have at least Four players, but can have a fifth for dedicated Monster.
Roles (Medic, Trapper, Assault, Support****) are not necessary and will most likely not be entered into the final rosters
Must apply before the cutoff date so as to get everything organized which is 2 days before the tournament.
Team selection is on a first come-first serve policy, with only the Moderators’ team and the previous victor getting a reserved spot. (We are setting this up and organizing it, so why shouldn’t we get to play)
At least one person able to stream via Twitch or Youtube/ Able to record the entire match for later uploading to youtube (It would be no fun if we just let out a video showing team names moving across a bracket, and there are 5 total people in each match)
No cheating of any kind will be tolerated. If a team is caught cheating then they will be removed from the tournament.
-If the Hunters or Monster request that they remain in the same party then at least one moderator will be required to sit in. This is to prevent possible misconduct.
Respect the moderators, try to limit hateful speech, and have fun (Really difficult instructions).
If any member of the tournament contacts you in an attempt to get you to cheat, report them immediately to a moderator.
Currently going to take place every two weeks (not a ton of manpower for moderating, editing, etc.)
No current cap for as many teams that will play.
There are currently NO money or digital currency prizes, and there will likely not be such.
The Tournament start time will be announced 2 days prior of the tournament.
Tournament Rosters will be submitted procedurally by either one of the moderators or I.
If a team has withdrawn from the current tournament there will be an announcement so that it will be filled by the next team in line.
All Team Roster submissions should be placed below with a note saying APPLICATION. Those confirmed by moderators will be resubmitted with a note saying CONFIRMED. I know who the moderators are, so nobody try to be a smart aleck or your post will be ignored.
#Random Stuff
This Tournament has no real goals, other than to make a more organized competitive and fun experience for Evolve players. That being said, if you find that you or your team are not having fun in the tournament, feel free to discuss this with a moderator (list posted before each tournament). If you think it would be better for you to withdraw consult this with your team and ask a moderator if it would be ok for a roster change. In most cases this will be accepted with a valid reason (and yes, im not having fun is an acceptable reason). Just submit the gamertag of the person replacing you and the moderator will make the change.
Any further questions should be asked on either below with the note QUESTION. I will check both daily and will try to be the best moderator I can.

Here is the Official thread for the PS4 Tournaments

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