(PS4) Evolve team looking for good support player


Hello everyone. My friends and I play evolve almost daily and we are looking for one more person to help round out our team. We mainly need someone to fill the support role in our main hunting party. We are looking for a 4th so we can better communicate and get used to playing with the same people to help develop new strategies. Also we all find it very irritating when we try to play seriously with only a 3 person group and one of our people has to constantly switch classes due to the current system. We are all friends in real life and communicate well, so if your looking for a fun laid back environment, but still care about skill and getting things done right, then look no further, the perfect hunting party is here. Also im looking to build a list of like-minded players to play with when some of us arent always available, any class welcome, we just cant guarantee you will always get the first spot in the party if everyone is online. So if you are interested send me a message with your psn contact info and your preferred class and happy hunting everyone.


Might want to put your info. into these and see about finding folks through these channels:


Hey. Down to play support with you guys. I’ll be on this evening for a couple of hours. PSN: kylekatarndude

Hit me up.



mia_crazyA add me up, I play support, assault and trapper but i rather play support. Over 21 with a mic and know the game pretty well.


i think im a prety good support its my go to class i know how to use all of the hunters so i know what support to pick depending on the team and the mosnter -
Im in the top 900 whit hank so if you wana play whit me hit me up
PSN: N_D_Kid
age: 23


If spot is not filled down to play support or trapper 120 plus hours have mic and love the game I live austrailia tho so time may be a problem but if not my gamer tag is mauvecord9 and 30 hours of support


I play support trapper assault all very well. Hank is my primary and i average 10k with laser cutter 16k if its a long game, 7k with orbitals and my camos and shield projectors are on point, i often orbital the monster mid evolve as well. Excessiveclass is my psn send me a friend request. im number 8 hank global btw lot of wins.