[PS4] Evolve stage 1 on console community

Hello everyone. Chimera here or as you may soon know Mustang83christi, I have recently been getting back into Evolve on PS4 and have gotten some friends to give it a try as well. It has been a blast replaying this game for the first time in a few months and while Iv’e been here since day 1 even I had times when I put it down for a while. But saying that I will say that I am going to start a community where others can join and play evolve on ps4 and while I myself will be busy sometimes with Life, smite or soon to be released Destiny 2 it would be great to have people join to help each other out on a game that gave a lot for how much it took. So if you would like to join and have fun on this great game everyonce in a while I would be happy to have you as a member of the community.


dont mind me, I just moved the thread to the proper section and added the platform in the tittle :wink:

@TRS can we get cross-platform play plz?

(jk, plz dont burn me at the stake, and also don’t ask why I’m lurking this late at night on the day before classes start)

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Your PSN sounds familiar. Have you been one of the unforunate victims of Meteor Goliath’s fiery claws?

I’d like to join. I am in school as of last week, so I don’t have a lot of time to play. Also no mic, but I’m not one of those players who just ignores everybody and goes off to do their own thing. I can take orders.

One more thing, I main Monster.

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