PS4 Evolve Digital Download Issues


So the download bar on my PS home screen says the download completed, and I’ve been able to play solo mode with the tier one characters. But that’s it. On the game home screen there is another loading bar that says ‘Downloading Full Game’ that seemingly randomly moves. It started at 43% then jumped up another 10% as I played last night. I left it idle last night to download the rest and it only moved 5%. Now it has been stuck for 5 hours, no matter if in game, on PS home screen, or in idle download mode.


I am having the same issue, at first it was at 28%. Logged back in a few hours later to about 54%. Logged back in next morning to the same thing, so I deleted and re-downloaded Evolve. It then shot up to 97% … for about 10 mins and is now currently locked back at 28%.


Did either of you guys get this problem fixed?? im still stuck at 28 percent…


My younger brother was playing on my ps4, earlier this evening, online. However, I don’t know how it fixed itself. Seems like after I replied it just started working the next day.


ine is stuck at 51 percent, it took hours to go from 41 to 51 now it is frozen. This needs to be patched i paid 70$ for this and psn doesn’t give refunds


You can get a refund, you have to actually go through hoops contacting customer support
But you can. Someone already did experiencing the same issue. I’m stuck at 68% for a whole day now. And let me guess no one from turtlecock Is Replying To These threads? I’m really pissed I spent $79 for the game and hunter packs .