PS4 Evolve Client Crash on Join in Progress



Have repro’d this on every occasion of occurance.

While playing Hunt online through Skirmish, the game client will crash during the join in progress of a player thusly:

You find a match and are taken to the character select screen and all players are human, no bots. You are a hunter (medic) Everyone selects their character. The match begins to load.

A human player leaves/ disconnects (trapper) while the match is loading or possibly during the dropship sequence or possibly while falling from dropship.

You (medic) hotswap to take control of the (trapper) bot. Within a short period of time (< 30 seconds) a player joins to fill the trapper vacancy and you are hotswapped back to your role (medic) automatically by the server.

Immediately after changing perspective, the client encounters a fatal error.

You are returned to the PS home screen and Evolve application has closed.

You are prompted to submit an error report through the PSN.

Please fix this as quickly as possible with those beautiful new patching tools of yours, this is quickly becoming an obstacle for me and I assume others to enjoying our experience with your game.


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Game Crashing to Dashboard (Original Title: New game mode?)

Imma move this to the bug forum if that’s okay with you. It’ll be more likely to be seen by the right people this way. Great job providing so much information though! :smiley: we really appreciate it!


Absolutely! :smiley:

And I had selected Bug as my topic category, but let’s just say talk.TRS forums are… What’s the term? Lacking optimization for use with iPhone 6+.

While typing a post or topic, the screen will glitch around and interpret key strokes as “selection” user input on objects located on screen behind the touch keyboard window.

Hey, while we’re at it… @MajorLeeHyper, can we please get a mobile engineer on this issue?? I can’t be the only individual having less than great experiences accessing your site from my mobile device, can I? This does not occur on any other sites or forums I frequent.


Adding @MrStrategio to get some QA eyes on the issue.


Woot! The ball is rollin’!

Thanks :smiley_cat:


We will look into this thanks for the info.


Merci beaucoup!