(PS4, EST) Bronze Destroyer Looking to Rank Up


Hey, so I’ve been low-key suffering under the new patch, and it’s obvious I’ll need a decent team/constant group of players to keep up with the meta. Looking for Bronze Destroyer or higher to rank up with; I was seeded silver skilled, and I only dropped down because of noob teams, so I’m really looking to get back up with a team haha

PSN xshreder
(note the 1 D)
EST, generally after 8 pm most days
I prefer Assault/Support (Torvald/Hyde, Hank/Sunny), but I’m down for anything.


Hi xshredder,

I’d suggest checking out this topic for all your PS4 player needs!


Hey there, thanks for the link! I did in fact make a post on the thread a couple of days ago, but it didn’t seem to be getting a lot of activity, so I decided to make a new thread to hopefully spark a little activity. If you don’t think this thread is appropriate, I understand


Hi man. Not on right now but you can add if you want I’m also eastern time.

I pref. medic and trapper. I don’t care too much about my rank at all. Maybe @Shunty or @Terry_Locke would be willing to help?

Oh yeah, psn is my username here. Capitals and everything.


Hey that’s cool, i’ll add you tonight! Anyone that knows what they’re doing is good for me! I actually already messaged Terry, thanks for the suggestions though!


Just send me a message at s-hunty_1967 on PSN. I’ll be on in just a few hours, so if you want to play we can. I will not be on tomorrow however, Overwatch beta comes out that day so I’ll primarily be playing that.


Oh you’re fine to create your own topic. Just wanted to make sure you saw the (current) main topic for ps4 players. :thumbsup:


Same hahaha, except I believe it comes out at 7 tonight if you’re EDT (RIP if you’re not haha) http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/blog/20100169/#schedule

Regardless I have work, so just add me and I’ll see you online at some point. We can play Overwatch instead if we’re both doing that haha

@TheMountain Thanks! :smiley:


I also rank down because of bad communication. I WAS a bronze destroyer but now ranked down. I like to play medic (Lazarus) Trapper (Griffin and Abe) Support (Hank, Bucket, and Sunny).

PSN: Lavadragon2k


I would use the topic that TheMountainThatRoars has linked the OP to.

It’s a maintained list of current players so you won’t find outdated information. If you happen to come across my gamertag on any outdated lists you’re welcome to still add me, but my team has quit until the next title update.


Hey, thanks but I already made a post in it, and I’m checking it for new players too!