PS4 Dropship bug or "Waiting for players to load screen" IS NOT OUR CONNECTION ISSUE


Simply put, All of my friends can play every other PS4 game fine online together, but Evolve online for PS4? Forget it. Either the dropship flies right through us all and we see it go through our bodies or we get stuck at the “Waiting for players to load screen”. This is posted on behalf of many friends. It’s not our connection, It’s only for EVOLVE for PS4! Please fix this. This game is so awesome too.


Except for us we are just stuck. This is unplayable. And this is not my gameplay, this is just a close example of constantly being stuck in the air for online play on PS4


Just saying


where are you from??


This happens everytime. Im from Florida and my friends are from Ohio , and no we have great internet as we can easily play every other PS4 game online even MMOs. Nothing works in evolve . Every other PS4 game works flawlessly together