ps4 don't starve + dlc is only $5 psn flash sale, many other games too


get before its too late, its a survival game with a deep hidden lore story, AND IT GETS BETTER

if you own the game, you will get the FREE online mode (which is coming later this year or early next year), dont let this opportunity escape my fellow evolve friends XD


pretty cool game. i recommend it to anyone. didnt know about the online mode. im looking forward to it checking that out.


the online mode its on pc for a $5 price BUT its still in beta soo your actually paying for a $5 chance to play ahead of time but with some well known bugs,

but, its confirmed when its beta is over it will come to ps4 later this year or early next year,

since its a small team it could take longer, but it will be worth it, i heard up 6-8 ppl at the same time, oh and there adding more story and new costumes


Gonna get this and The Wolf Among Us