PS4 DLC Characters not Available Offline

I’ve been playing with the DLC Characters for a couple rounds and now I signed out of PSN, I see the characters are locked out!!! It says go to the store to unlock.

I love playing Solo during the day when I get interrupted all the time and don’t stay online to avoid confusion with my friends, but it appears my access is locked out of the DLC. I’m pretty sure Evolve made a big deal about the game being playable offline, so I really think the DLC should be part of that after it’s installed and unlocked once.


This is the second post I’ve seen like this. I certainly hope that DLC isn’t tied to being connected to the internet.


I hope so too, because right now I don’t have internet yet (just moved) and I have to go over to my friend’s house just to download these packs. The skins are working offline, though, so I’m hoping this is just temporary.

Hmm well that’s good. If the skins work, the characters should as well. Maybe its a PSN issue.

Yeah, that includes skins that I’ve bought and earned through events. I competed in the Gold skin challenge, then went offline with no additional skins outside of the Elite that I unlocked for Maggie and Daisy. Then I participated in the Trapper challenge and went offline again and have access to all of the skins that I have (I’m on PS4, by the way). I haven’t been online since, but I will be this Firday to download the Tier 4 and buy more skins (Cosmic, Savage for Kraken and Wraith, and Jade) and will let you guys know if I have any problems over the weekend. But please, if anyone else finds out any information on this matter please comment and let us know ASAP.

@darkerebus how are you signing out of PSN? Are you selecting another profile or just selecting the Sign out option? Or are you simply disconnecting the Ethernet cable?

While I’m not the OP I had the exact same problem when my internet went out today. It seems that the DLC characters aren’t available offline.

Thanks for the follow up. I’m leaving the app open and I’m going into Settings and then Playstation Network and clicking Sign Out, and then returning to the app. If I do so, and I have left an unlocked character on my screen, it will allow me to still select it and play. But if I scroll through the list of characters in that slot (ie the other monsters, or other medics for example) and come back around to the DLC character, it will then show locked. Hope this helps!

Okay, so I bought some new skins, downloaded the T4 update, and downloaded the Predator skins and I have everything offline. So I can access everything I own/have unlocked with or without internet.

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Since I can still replicate the same issue, could you confirm if you have the disc version or was it a full game? Also, how are you disconnecting from the internet before going in to check if the new characters are available? Also, after disconnecting, have you try to play through a match and select a new character again or backed out from a match to restart? If I open a match of quick play or evac on Solo, and pick Monster or Hunter and then disconnect, I can choose the new characters from there, but the next match will show them locked again.

I’m wondering if you found a work around in doing something different from what I’m doing, and I don’t want them to close the issue because you said it was fine for you.

I’ve also now tried a boot of the PS4 with the internet cable unplugged. I’ve tried signing out before turning on the app and tried again to start a match and then disconnect. Every time it shows locked for the new characters except when I start a match and then disconnect in which case it only locks it after I complete that match or back out of lobby to start a game again.

I’m also in Canada should that matter.

Disc version

I currently don’t have internet at my home so there’s no internet to connect to

I have done custom, quick, and Evacuation campaigns with all 4 Monsters and all 16 Hunters with the bonus skins that I have bought or earned in challenges or unlocked and my mastery is progressing normally

I am playing in northern US so I don’t know if it’s regional or there’s some other problem at hand

Oh, did you buy the characters and monster separately? Or was the monster part of your pre-order and did you get the season pass?

I got the Behemoth with pre-order and I purchased the season pass when I picked up my game from GameStop. I don’t know if that’d be a factor, but that’s how I got the Tier 4. Also, I never played with the Tier 4 online yet and my only experience since the update was solely offline.

@darkerebus, are you still having issues offline since the micro-patch release?

Just to add to the feedback. When psn was not working for me a few weeks ago, I was not able to access any of the dlc from my digital deluxe version of evolve on ps4. I’m talking about the behemoth, hunters and skins. I also just signed out of psn and then went right back to evolve. Never switching accounts. As of right now it would appear that there is no way to play the dlc that is paid for offline.

This seems to be a PS4 issue as I can unplug my ethernet cable and access all my dlc.

But how can I play offline on PS4 and others can’t? Wouldn’t that be more of a bug than just something with PSN?

Good question, might be a local issue. I’m not sure TRS can help though. Contacting Sony directly is probably the best option.

That’s a good idea. I hope this issue is taken care of soon.