PS4 Digital Deluxe


I preordered the Digital Deluxe a week ago and everything was fine, but since today there is only one version out for both preorders (Digital Deluxe and Standard). In my Preorder information is nothing about the hunting season pass, so I dont know if everything is alright.


Its listed in the description. I purchased it as well.


You’re worrying over nothing.


But not showing up in the download list.


It’ll download on the 8th


Maybe I’m not understanding what it is you’re concerned about?


Check your game library it should be in there with full details. When you can play it, what it includes, and when you can download it.


And the hunter pack is the only dlc not showing up in that list.


I preordered the Digital Deluxe, now it says it isn’t available anymore and in my lybrarry is only the standard version. That is my concern :smile:


Well do you have a receipt of what you paid for? I do and you should too so really there isn’t anything to worry about.


Also according to PS Store the digital deluxe version is still for sale. Not sure what you’re seeing. Relax my friend! If you’ve pre-ordered it already the only thing you need to do now is wait for February 10th.


I’ve received a message from PSN saying, that the Digital Deluxe preorder may got cancelled. However, i should ignore this message, as the preorder would be fine. They might have changed the assignment internally or something.

Maybe this is related to the problem you’ve encountered.


It’s related to preorder skins, they disabled that offer and put the bare deluxe for sale.