[PS4] Digital Deluxe content not available across regions?



so I just got the Digital Deluxe edition for the PS4, form the US store, downloaded all that extra goodness, and moved back to my EU account (as I always do with games I download). I went to select a Monster to play with, and then tried to select a different skin but did not have any options.

I then loaded up my US account, went the same route, only this time I was able to pick the skins that come w/ the Digital Deluxe.

is the thing not shared between regions? I’ve never had this happen to me. for example, I got Shadow of Mordor premium on the US store, and was automatically given the Hunting DLC when it launched, on my EU account.

any ideas?


Same problem here, I sent a support ticket to 2K yesterday, but I’m still waiting for a reply.