PS4 destiny trials of osiris


I can’t find a team that will help me :’(


Wrong forums buddy


It’s in the offtopic/games section so it’s fine ;3


I still have my destiny and my season pass. I haven’t played it in such a long while, though. How is it today?


The new DLC is fun. but the story was short. but adds 2 new social spaces and a arena mode.


Interesting, is Deej still a moron or has he stopped shoving his ego in the community’s face? He is terrible at being a community manager with his attitude sometimes.


And Sony still has all that "timed exclusives " which I call bs on that they never give xb1 that ever I can read Sony like a open book


Don’t take it out on me… >->
they said before release that ps would get exclusive stuff for a year.
I’m not yelling at you for getting evolve maps first >->


I never was angry at ps4 players just Sony and Activision


I am too
nothing should be held exclusive for a year.
I felt that pain with skyrim… </3


@goliath432 I have never been happy about console exclusive and disc locked passes honestly. I miss buying the game and having it all there ready to go. Feel like you are ordering a pizza, it comes with cheese and pepperoni. However, it’s missing the crust. You have to pay extra for that crust. If you use a master card you also get a free topping as well. Others will have to pay extra or wait for the free topping special.

Just a crappy system.


I didn’t mind dlc like in skyrims case that was a full game
but the dlc added to it.
now days companies just say oh that would be great in the game but lets make them pay more to get it.


They have been doing this for a while. I remember buying my Nintendo 64 and perfect dark as a kid. I worked hard all summer long to save up to buy. Ge home, plug it in and I have to buy the expansion slot to enjoy the actual gameplay.


Let’s see what could be the reason I am angry at Sony and Activision oh yeah hawk moon and 4th horseman which should have been there from launch I don’t care about dust palace it’s the only other least completed strike along with valus


I dunno why but i’m eagerly awaitting for Destiny to come on PC(If it comes)
The concept, the graphics and gameplay seems so cool.
Can someone explain to me why we are supposed to “hate” destiny?


Again I understand.
the pain is real. I don’t have either of those :confused:


lack of story, which has gotten better after all the dlc.
but still repetitive
it is dangerously addictive.
rng sucks really bad.
really frustrating and boring solo so if your friends aren’t on your screwed


Can’t you go and play Online pvp like Call of Duty/Halo style?If you friends aren’t on.


yes that’s what i do sometimes.
but sometimes you want to do some end game content rather than pvp


And the crucible is unbalanced unfun again rng sucks say guy does the worst in the game gets the g horn I never have seen it happen cause I don’t play pvp