PS4 Dam Glitch Hunter


Sorry for the bad English. I’m German and use Google translator.

PS4 version.
I just played a game in the world as Monster Dam and the hunters have made to use a glitch that allows them to shoot me and are themselves largely protected.

Find it quite pathetic to use something -.- . Would like to see next fix the bug to give these players a spell.
Below players would “Cedlcomez, INva5ion-12, Destruct1on-of-U and x36HURRICANE”
The name can also be seen in my video.
Dam Glitch
And exactly where the glitch comes to use.
Glitch Edge


I really hate when people go out of their way to find something like this then abuse it. Play fair.


this works on all plateforms. its not a bug. its just poor map design.


I just started playing again and this happens. I somehow abducted one of them by getting enough air. Anyone know if they’re fixing this?


When will this glitch removed?
It can not be that bad players win with this.
Now that they lose with T4 hunters, come this s*** back again …