PS4 customs. Looking for others to play with

Hello people. I am just looking for some random people on PS4 to play some customs with (mainly because I can never ever find a match on Hunt anymore). 4 people would be great. My PSN name is Do_Re_Mi_123498. Message me on the forums or PSN if you want to play. I might not be available at all times. But I’m always in the mood to play.

mustang83christi. i play daily at varying times. i like all of them really. i have all four monsters all five assaults and a couple other hunters elited.

Alright. Maybe we can play together if we find some other people.

Sounds good to me JA_P05. I usually on in the evening. I have elites in all classes

Ok cool. But remember, this is for customs and fun games not super competitive games (but you can treat it like it is competitive if you want). Just 2 more people and we can join up and do some customs.