PS4 Crash issues


My game has crashed 3 times in the last 3 matches. When it crashes is random, but it will crash. @Zetrocci
It crashes in our custom game too. Today is the first time I’ve experienced this issue but it occurs in 100% of the games I’ve been in.

Can anyone help me?



Now that you mentioned it, The game has crashed on me, but not in game tho


I tried playing 2 more quick match games at it crashed in the first 3 minutes of both matches.


Prior to this starting, have you played on the current patch successfully? Or did this begin as soon as the new patch downloaded?


I’ve played on this patch successfully up till today, where all of my matches have dropped me.

My first match was against Zetrocci in a custom. I was destroying relay as S3 Behemoth and right before the final set of attacks to finish the relay my game crashed to dashboard and asked me to send a report.

The next time I went to quickplay. I was dropped into an ongoing game and all I could see were unloaded textures on a fuzzy screen, which was frozen. I could hear the other player’s Mics fine though, and left after 3 minutes of the screen being frozen.

The next game I chose griffin. I tracked for about ~4 minutes and moments before doming the S1 monster the game crashed.

The fourth and final game I attempted I again chose griffin, was dropped in ~9 seconds before game start and tracked for about 45 seconds before the game again crashed to dashboard.

After all of this I went to play some Solo Custom games and haven’t had a crash since.

My player priority is set
Monster - Trapper - Support - Medic - Assault.

Not sure if it is relevant but I figure I may as well give as much info as possible.

I am also in Louisville, KY. We are having light storms but this has never effected my online play before. I also have a roommate who played several matches of CS:GO during my crashes so I know it’s not likely my net.


I’m reaching here, but could the machine have overheated? Or could you be getting power surges from the lightning storm? Just trying to think of some reason why it would just start like this.

@Bubbletrousers, think it could be a user profile issue?


Nah, my ps4 is in a cool room and basically never even gets hot. It’s also in very good condition with little to no dust in our room to heat it from the inside.

The storm has no lightning so surges aren’t the problem. It’s just raining. Additonally it’s on a grounded strip in my dorms and nobody else is having issues.


Figures, worth a try anyway. The game’s stability suddenly changing that much, for no reason, doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I was fishing for an external cause.

Maybe the profile thing. At times weird information has gotten saved into peoples’ user profiles within the game. Wondering whether the behavior you described fits. Waiting for word from QA.


Thanks mate. I haven’t had much problem today. Little laggy but nothing that couldn’t be on my end.


I’m glad to hear that, although it makes me even more confused as to what happened (or is happening). The “bad profile data” problem, I think, doesn’t resolve itself without intervention, although I’ve never been involved in the process and I only have vague notions about it.

Anyway, fingers crossed.


Storms are gone so maybe our tower went down due to wind. Also could have been a bandwidth issue being my best guess. I’m not sure how much bandwidth Evolve needs to run stabily compared to other games.