PS4 crackling sound


For some time now I noticed that some sort of a crackling sound is played along other game sounds which play well. This happens during a match and lasts up till I either quit to main menu or the match (and its summary) come to an end. Sometimes however this issue only ceases after I restart the game. Unfortunately this issue occurs very frequently, almost in every single game regardless of monster&hunters configuration and abilities used. Happens with headsets (I have to sets, both tested) and with external speakers. This issue was already reported here Sound "crackles"? but that topic was closed and since the issue is not listed in bugfixes thread I considered it necessary to bring it up again.

I think if you lower your music down all the way it fixes it.

So yeah, after posting about this bug it didn’t appear again. I will try your solution when it reappears (hopefully not). Wouldn’t like to loose in menu music though so I hope it gets fixed permanently.

And the problem is back. It appeared yesterday evening so I can only assume that it visited Gamescom and came back to me. Turning down music didn’t fix it.