Ps4 controller color coordinated classes


Not sure if Im late, or no one noticed but on the ps4 controller depending on what class you are that what color the controller will light up. Green trapper, yellow support, assault red, medic blue.that’s pretty cool


Yep. Ive seen this. Pretty neat.


Yeah, you haven’t noticed? It’s pretty neat.


Yep, it’s been a thing since launch but it was bugged till recently. Should work while in a game which is cool.


Yup. Noticed that a long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away…

For the Monster it’s just red, though. That disappointed me. Didn’t have any other color, though, so I can understand why it’s red.


I always felt that it should’ve been orange for some reason. Can’t complain, though. I’m just happy it’s been working after, like, 6 months of touch and go.


It’s worked for me since around release. Don’t get that bug people kept complaining about.

Felt the same way for a while, but gave up on the idea, simply because it doesn’t really matter. I mean, who actually pays attention to the bottom of the controller? Looked cool at night, though.


I know right? Heh. What a… bunch of… losers… .-.

I’ll let myself out.


That is really cool. Such a small detail but I have always been jealous that PS4 controllers have the light on bottom.


Yeah its really cool.

Nope I been noticing lately that the normal green color was yellow. I though it just ment my controller was dying because it does that sometimes makes different colors when you controller is dead.

Yupp seems I’m just suuuper late lol


It’s ok. We appreciate you here. Even if you are a weird loser



You guys have got a shiny green ring, right? Or is it still just part of the ring?





No more green… it is just a white Xbox symbol that doesn’t tell you what player you are :frowning:


Aw. That right there has ruined XBone for me. That tiny detail has killed every bit of fun I could have ever had with it, simply because it doesn’t have a green light that comes on at startup.


I know, tell me about it. I am thinking of just throwing it out.


Nope. Trade it in at GameStop for $25.


yup, you know before the screen loads, by looking at the color of the controller, you can see what class you will be put in, but it loads in like 3 seconds after so doesn’t matter. But you can be like to your friend,

I can guess what class I will be in


Yes I can

Then tell me!

looks at controller umm ASSAULT!

Thats absurd

3 seconds later

Told ya!