PS4 Community shrink Breaks Matchmaking


I just queued 4 times in a row looking for Trapper with Monster as my last preference and was placed 4 times into a premade as a monster at character select screen.

Please tell me that this is for any reason pther than community-shrink.

I want to believe that this is a coding bug or something.

Do not tell me that this playerbase has shrunk to the point already that anyone queuing solo is stuck being a monster bending over for some premade gang of chuckling smug elitists.

end rant


when the game first launched in the later hours of the night it did this to me. so its not community. the skill based matchmaking determines they are in your skill area.

for some reason when u leave it thinks you disconnect so it reconnects you. its really weird haha. usually I just wait like…10-12 minutes to requeue. chances are they have found a new monster by then.


I always found that you never get your first choice on the first time you queue up for a match. You will mostly get trapper for the next round or they are premade team practicing cuz there is a tournament on right now.

I never laugh a monster players who didn’t want to monster at the first place nor do I think I am or my team is elite to be smug.


Yeah sorry, forgot to mention:

On each of the 4 occassions, at start of the following round (I actually played and suffered through all these games), I was compelled to remain the monster. At which point I would re-queue, get stuck with monster, play, die, get stuck with monster again.

The matchmaking system is (pardon my french) being extra shitty today.

… leading me to conclude that perhaps the player base is shrinking; off-peak hours notwithstanding.


Yea I understand, that must be frustrating. Hopefully it was just a bad day for that and hope for better days to come. There isn’t much advice that can be given to help this situation.
I can commend you for being a trooper during that situation.


Thanks, yeah.

Honestly, if this persists, I think TRS will have to implement prevention of premade parties of 3+ players from queueing for random mathmaking.

The online game will quickly become toxic-ly difficult for the average-joe monster player.

People with a group of 3 or 4 will have to suck it up and invite one more hardcore Evolve friend to be a monster for their premade.

If most random matchmade monsters had to endure what I’ve just gone through, they’d find a more rewarding game to spend time in.

(And I wasn’t salty; even messaged one team to complement them on how tight they were :wink:)


Lucky you I guess because I can never seem to find a Monster game, let alone a pre-made group. The priority system isn’t considered enough feel.


It shrunk. First game of the night froze, next THREE matches I try to get into have the same two people.

Of the 34 people online on my friendslist, not a single one is playing whereas a couple months ago, it was at least seven or so.

I don’t play often anymore simply because the game is bugged to hell and back. I can’t play a match without something screwing up and ruining my experience. I ragequit every time.


I’m not having these problems. I have so many friends playing I can’t choose who I want to party with half the time on my ps4. I find matches easy throughout the day. Sometimes its rough to get the spot you want but after a game or two I always get it.


That’s 100% true, it’s boring. It seems like the developpers are concentrating all their ressources to listen crybabies about buff/nerf and to do micro patches instead of fixing the real problems. I mean, honestly, BEFORE the 1st big patch (that added the tier 4 hunters/monster) the game had minor bugs but it was really playable and enjoyable :

  • no major performance issues
  • no gameplay bug
  • no matchmaking bug
  • no lag

Since the last updates (big patch + micro patches), here is what i encounter all the time (i’m playing trapper/kraken) :

  • Kraken flight bug
  • Kraken Jump bug
  • Kraken wall bug
  • Kraken feeding bug
  • Hunter gameplay aiming bug
  • Performances are crap, it looks like it runs at 20 fps all the time
  • Lags (even with full conection bars)
  • Matchmaking bug when in team

Honestly TRS, how do you want that we continue to play and enjoy such a bug mess ? It’s really the time to fix everything ! Remove all the patches and at least, we will get a decent gameplay experience, even if we don’t have tier 4 hunters/monster… It’s almost unplayable and it becomes worst at every micropatch you release.

Stop to listen the community about balance fixes and fix the bugs FIRST !


on a PS4 ? elitist? really?. all they do is compete in who’s-the-better-aimbot. theres nothing elite or competitive about it.

and srsly? you compaining about your 4-8k base playerbase?, you do realise PC is at roughly 400players most of a days worth right?.


This is for you too OP :smiley:

I play on ps4 reefermadness23

It can be weird in off peak hours but its not impossible to find a match plus the PUGS you find online now tend to be the hardcore like us… Who know how to hunt… As opposed to the unbroken

If the doomsdayers were right than TRS should have gave up before they released… Thank God your not… Cause I love this game

The devs have admitted that matchmaking isn’t where they want it to be…but it operates so their concentrating on churning out skins/maps/updates/characters… I’m fine with that


I can’t take anyone that makes this many grammatical errors seriously.

Any footing you had went completely out the window the instant you confused their and they’re, your and you’re.

Your post reads like it was written by a 12 year old and considering the picture you added, it most likely is.

Truth is, game isn’t doing that well. Look at the metacritic score, look at your friendlist, look at the bug forum.


You didn’t respond to him, you clicked me instead. :smile:


But thanks for your input!


Please forgive me, lol I’m at work, multitasking


Just because you are put into a lobby as monster doesn’t give ANY indication on the community. You could have been matched with pre-made teams of 4 (or 2 teams of 2), where none of them can be monster. So since this is a 5 person game… that leaves… hmm… I had it…

Solo queueing can often result in the solo role (monster), even with a billion people playing the game.


Its funny how people come into defend the state of the game when the proof is in the pudding.

Cognitive dissonance at its finest.


Who’s defending the state of the game? He says getting placed as monster is proof of a low # community and I’m providing examples of how it’s the same if it was a high # of players ingame. Never defended it but if assuming people are delusional on forums makes you feel better and the need to post about it, I’d rather talk to the delusional person.


i think it depends on the time frame you play at. peak hours i hardly run into the same players. i play from 9-12 pst usually.