[PS4] Community Play-Date


OLA! Hello Everyone, Canadians have brought you a great gift!
2 of your favorite Canadians will be in the same location!

@Jayrob2k72 and @Seedsy will be streaming together!

This will be my first experience with the Playstation community :slight_smile:

Stream starts at 6PM EST
It will be on either www.twitch.tv/jayrob2k72 or on my channel… We havent really discussed it yet.
But we’ll be playing games with people in the PS4 community :slight_smile: Make sure to tune in.


@Jayrob2k72 & @Seedsy


Hopefully I’ll join but I may be playing Overwatch cus I love that game (still love Evolve though).


Stole the words right out of my mouth.

But I will forsure be there to support you Jay!


Hey everyone,

Just wanna put another post, get this at the top or current posts.

Tomorrow will be an awesomely Canadian stream, with @Seedsy and myself!!!

Although it will be through the Ps4, hoping as many of you will tune in!!!

For those who want to join in we will be running community games! Customs and such having an awesome time, as we all wait patiently for TU9 to drop!

So come on by tomorrow night at 6:00 PM EST!

Have an awesome night, see y’all tomorrow!!!



You know ill be there Jay!


I wanna join. Even though I’ll get rekt.


I’ve never held a PS4 Controller before… and its been years since i was a console gamer…
I have a feeling… I’m gonna get REKT! lol


Funny how this game started with a huge X1 community, seems like the PS4 ppl are more active.


@Jayrob2k72 & @Seedsy streaming together?

Jam session!

I love Canada. Great Rpg game.


We both are. Jayrob has a ton of experience with the game and I’ve seen him on the leaderboards.

How would you join? Just add you or @Jayrob2k72?


I’d imagine we’ll be using my profile, unless @Seedsy would like to make his own PS4.

My PS4 tag is Jayrob2k7, add me there!!!

So pumped!!


I have a PS3 login… but its probably best to use @Jayrob2k72 's




neat still haven’t sat through a stream for a long while.


Ok, I sent it. PSN is the same as my username on here.


Tonight should be a blast for all those getting involved and watching!!!


Jay… am I allowed to get involved😭


Yessir!!! Of course Demon! Chips jumping in on it as well at some point, it’s for the PS4 community, no exclusivity!!