Ps4 coming in Tuesday from Maintenance :)

I sent my ps4 in for maintenance 3 weeks ago, its coming back Tues. So If you’d like to play at anytime, hit me with a FR or leave your PSN in the reply.

Also I played monster in the Free Weekend on my PC, got Gold Expert :wink:

What was your Steam ID?

We only have 7 Gold 2 players on PC…

Ishmael1245, was playing on my bros account

You won 9/10, and got placed into gold. Play more, you’ll get placed in the correct ranking soon enough. There’s a reason so many people are in the wrong placements atm.

People can win 10/10 and get placed into Silver 1-2… Depending on how the MM “thinks” people are ranked.

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I beat 5 different gold teams on PC, including @moiser twice. I deserve to keep gold! image

What did you take, Kraken? ^.-

Shin I’m fairly confident the gif tells you everything you need to know about that question

Behemoth? ^.-
If so, he did a decent job.

Yeah demons good but I had no idea he behemothed I gotta admit I’ve played him before and he’s never let me down when I want a fun close game

I play EVERYTHING :slight_smile: but I main Behemoth

But yes I did beat all of the gold teams with Goliath and behe

If you wanna play ps4 with us you can demon we mostly practice on weekends after we finish esl we can scrim with you for a few hours

Oh boy, I appreciate the offer man :slight_smile:

Yeah man you’ve never let me down before

Who all are you on a team with?

Me xplicitsmoke pat Kevin argon and flippy is our monster
And I trap

Haha small community I’ve played against them all xD