(PS4) Can't party with certain friends. "Connection to host failed"


There’s (at least) two friends with who I have a very hard time joining a game. Whenever I invite them or they invite me, the recipient of the invitation gets the error message “connection to host failed”. It works fine and every time with a third friend. One time he invited me and one of those two troublesome friends, we could both join the party, but only hear the voice of said third friend, but not of each other. Afterwards we managed to workaround by simply joining each other’s game in the PS4-friendslist, with no invitations sent. But as of today, that doesn’t seem to work anymore either.

For troubleshooting we tried forwarding increasingly more ports on the router, I even set everything up as a DMZ (NAT type 1), but to no use. Currently all the recommended ports are forwarded on all our ends, the PS4 connection tests show NAT type 2.

Other games (Destiny) work perfectly fine.

Any idea what we could try? Any help is appreciated, google doesn’t seem to deliver any useful results…


I have to bump this, sorry… Problem still persists. No idea what to do. :frowning:


Forum hipsters are too busy crying about x, y, z are overpowered than have time to talk about the real issue. to your concern if the lvl gap between you and your friend is greater than 10 than you are out of luck. it’s either a bug or the intended moronic communist match making system in play.


Our level difference is about 2 or 3, so that’s probably not it…


Then must be a bug, I got same issue, our a group of 3 can’t play together 3 days ago.


Check this thread out.

It may be a similar issue.

Lots of people are having problems due to their router.


Lots of people are having problems with this due to the game. We don’t know what’s causing it as there’s been no official response. Sorry dj =[