ps4 can't find a game


I tried quick game / evacuation / hunt .

waited for some long ~ 1 hour can’t find a game…


pls add if wanna play together


Are you trying to look for players?

Nevermind @Vendalra is a little ninja.


Yeah it sucks, it’s hard to find people with a rather low player base.


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Been play for an hour now and I’ve gotten in 5 games, did you check your connection? Also expect long wait times with hunt.


I am mainly trying for quick play, not sure if it’s because i am in Asia - region


Yeah, that might be the problem. @LadieAuPair talked about this before. I can’t exactly remember her words but what I remember is this; the game will try it’s darnedest to find servers near you. If it can’t, you’ll be thrown into the closest server that has population.


damnn… guess its just not popular over here.


Yeah, just might be that. It’s got an OK population in the US and UK. You might end up getting thrown into one of those servers.