PS4 bugs, glitching and...other things


Ever since the update hit, more and more bugs have been showing themselves. It’s not just that, the team I run with, we’re starting to lose more than we used to before the update hit. Maybe we’re just losing our touch. We usually spend a good 20-30 minutes to even get in a game and hope for it not to crash or the monster to leave during selection. I love this game but damn do the bugs mess things up. I forgot to keep count of the amount of games where a monster gets to stage 3, with low health, only for us all to simultaneously get kicked from the game or the match. I just don’t understand what’s going on here. It’s every night. It takes us so long to set up that we may as well not bother :confused:


Psn is having a lot of issues lately


Glad it’s not just me, got sick of losing points in 2.0 because I’m constantly being disconnected so I’m being disconnected in Free Play instead.


I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, but as its been pointed out PSN has been having lots of outraged and service interruptions. It just happens to coincide with the patch but wasn’t caused by it. PSN was down for some maintenance this morning, hopefully this will resolve the issue!


Other games are working fine for me on PSN except for Evolve.

I get all kinds of errors and it mostly takes 20 mins to find a game in Hunt.


Is PSN being made to be the scapegoat? I think that’s unfair and cowardly.

I have been playing COD and FIFA16 tonight without any issues (after giving up trying to play evolve). If it was a PSN issue then these games would also be affected. So please explain why this is only affecting evolve. This game only has its core base of players left (I include myself in that bracket). But I’m/we are being driven away by these major bugs.

I can’t help but get the feeling that 2K has lost its appetite for supporting this game because the player base is not as big as they forecast in their business plan. I feel like the game is being mothballed. Fixing stuff for us costs money that they no longer see the point of spending and those of us left who do love the game suffer for it.


It’s almost unplayable tonight. On top of the bugs I mentioned, even when I get in a game. People start disconnecting one by one. Eventually forcing me to leave.


Can’t entirely blame PSN for this, I was on Planetside 2 all day with 0 issues and that game has hundreds of players at once to support! No game I have seems to disconnect nearly as much as Evolve, which is a real shame :frowning:


Yeah i totally agree when this happened a week ago i was very sceptical about “oh it’s psn fault” because other games worked fine!

I think the Evolve servers or MM is real glitchy and maybe they’ve ran out of servers or bandwdith or something.


Because there are multiple reports on downdetector of issues, and I got a PS4 notification stating the servers were undergoing maintenance. It is also kicking me repeatedly from Helldivers (an online game). BF4 works for some odd reason, and possibly some other games do too. Not sure why. This is NOT an issue on 2K’s end though. If it were, TRS would find out and be forthcoming. They have been in the past about similar issues which were on their end.



Dupe thread. Having 7375846 threads telling me about PS4 issues makes it harder to figure out what is happening.