(PS4) Bugs everywhere that hardly any one plays any more

Laz’s body’s falling through floor

Normal Revive body’s falling though floor

Thunder dome appearing when monster is just out outside the dome

Matchmaking confuses people in party’s and separates them after a game

Matchmaking keeps kicking players when they rejoin (not in party players) until they reset the game or console

Matchmaking will fail until every one resets there game or resets there console

Matchmaking will display searching players when others in the party still Se them there

Matchmaking will display monster screen when looking for hunters

Matchmaking preference select screen should last a bit longer and play a distinctive alert count down sound when a full team is found

Kraken can stealth grab in the air ( he will grab and fly up with the body)

Reviving teammates sometimes will reset the revive halfway

Assaults and sometimes others HUD’s will not show when Device is ready

When Parnell activates super soldier sometimes his guns lock up for a few seconds straight after

Sound effects ( mainly guns ) will repeat until fired again

Jet packs fail to climb wall corners

Jet packs sometimes stop halfway up a wall

Players emblems are swapped around in match making

Emblems should not be changing between rank all the time. Also names and preference

Matchmaking should show the amount of players in there region that are playing. Because sometimes I’m unsure if people are playing or the game isn’t working or if they are in party’s


Lol I literally did the same post few mins ago but yours is more detailed,yeah it sucks swapping people’s emblems,kicking you etc and needing every1 to restart game to fix the selection screen bug

Sorry mate I didn’t realise.

After a frustrating night playing, I’ve been really eager to report about all this.

Bloody good game. But the bugs really let it down a lot :cry:

Yeah I know,no your post hit all the bugs if not more that I hadn’t see so kudos for your post

Just had another bug with Lazarus,a guy was killed in a plant so I went to revive him with the glove and it didn’t let me even when the blue revive icon was there!

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Hardly anyone plays anymore…? -.^ I must have missed the memo…

At least the Parnell one I can explain. You’re misunderstanding the reload time. You’ll begin reloading, then super soldier, which causes the animation to speed up. However, the game has already decided the speed of the reload, so the animation is inaccurate.

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Could be because the dome landed ON the monster, so part of him was inside registering as the monster was caught? I know monsters can leave a dome if they’re still partly outside (Behemoth abuses this a lot in defend).

Falling through floor bug is being worked on. They may be requiring additional info, I’m not certain (I know @MrStrategio had a topic open for this).

This isn’t a bug, it’s a suggestion?

Isn’t this also another suggestion?

Ok, this is DEFINITELY a frikkin’ suggestion! You’re not pulling the wool over my eyes! D:{

So, ignoring the SUGGESTIONS. There are bugs on there that are known and being worked on. One (The reload one) is not a bug as someone above explained, and there are some minor bugs in there that aren’t much of an issue;

Such as - “Matchmaking will display monster screen when looking for hunters”

I highly doubt those kinds are affecting the player levels.

That being said you do have a few more pressing bugs that affect gameplay there.

Fair enough

I apologise about the suggestions, you’re definitely being a bit of and ass about it tho

These problems are not only bothering me but every one I know on evolve as well

Affecting levels or not it’s still a game bug that shouldn’t be happening

The matchmaking problems is what really makes it hard to enjoy the game

Didn’t mean to come off as an ass -.^ I was just highlighting that there are issues there that would be more suited to be placed under the “Suggestions” category. They won’t get much eyeing here, whereas in the right category, you may be able to get some discussion on those. Also my comments were in jest.

Yes, I’ve also got many of these issues. They’re annoying. As I said, there ARE some gameplay-affecting bugs there, and I feel those should be highlighted more so that they can easily be picked out. I’d rather see issues such as people being kicked from the party repeatedly and having to restart Evolve fixed, more than someone having the wrong emblem. Categorising the list helps for easier reading, as reading a long list like that is quite irritating to the eyes (at least for me it is).

Matchmaking bugs

  • Confusing people in parties and separates them after a game
  • Players constantly kicked upon rejoining (Resetting game fixes this)
  • Sometimes MM fails (fixed by everyone restarting game)

Gameplay bugs

  • Kraken launches into the air with hunter when pouncing and falls back down
  • Bodies fall through the floor when reviving (Normal and Laz revives)
  • Thunderdome appears when monster is just ouside of the dome
  • Revive bar resets halfway
  • Jetpack stops halfway up wall climbs and doesn’t work when trying to climb corners.
  • Hunter’s HUDs failing to show when device is ready (Mainly Assaults but others too)


  • Emblems swapped around when in lobby

^I think that would be easier to read, and much easier to sort out and ensure something wasn’t overlooked. Maybe I’m being a little pedantic, but if it’s a pain to read for me, I’m sure it would be for @Shaners who has to sort through a lot of these.

Just realized I forgot to say previously about the layout… My bad… >_<

Awesome thanks mate :thumbsup:

The problem I see is that every new Patch is making it worse, they fix one issue to cause 2 or 3 new issues. And I think Hunt 2.0 really started a new chapter with this at least for PS4 and at least from my own experience.

I really cannot play the game anymore, I either have connection issues or the game puts me in matches against over skilled Monsters so either way its just frustrating to play.

And personally I am getting sick of all the “just be patient they working on it” posts. They are not of any help and seriously I would really prefer if TRS would take all the time it takes to properly test all patches before releasing them rather then playing the guinea pig.


I agree with u. I really love this game but my love is decreasing a little bit everyday. The matchmaking bugs are terrible. My friends and I spend more time resetting our games rather than actually playing

And the bugs that make the game freeze or push hunters into the environment are EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I can’t count how many times we have been in a close match then something stupid like Tht happens and we lose.

When u have to worry about a good monster player and the game bring unstable, it really kills it for me. I understand they are a small studio but they really need to test these things a lot longer b4 releasing it to us. I’d rather wait a few more months for something bug free then have something released and be full of them

End of rant lol


The emblem thing Is a bug not misc!

You play with friends or in a party of randoms and your emblem multiplies to other people emblem,ok it’s not effecting gameplay but it’s a bug and annoying looking at my emblem on every1 in lobby.

The main bugs on ps4 at the min outside of gameplay is pre game selection screen it won’t let a lot of people ready up unless they have reset game,so they’ll keep searching for lobbies and making every wait for them to ready up or people just keep backing out.Also when I’m in a party always at least 1 friend gets kicked often now I don’t know if that’s because of their NAT type but it’s fairly common.

Yes, it’s a bug. However, it’s not one that affects gameplay to the same degree as some of the others. It’s a minor bug. Being kicked repeatedly and getting “Connection to host failed/lost” errors are worse. If it’s a quick fix, by all means, it can be fixed. I called it “Misc” as it’s not really a MMing bug, nor a gameplay bug. It falls under a Misc category with the other little things, such as seeing the wrong splash screen when searching for a hunter.

@MrFireFuchs Well, they tend to release big patches. There are bug fixes occassionally, but usually they’re shipped in with the big updates en masse. And with a large update, there are bound to be lots of new bugs. They can test things internally all they want, but often you’ll get bugs that are very rare that they slip through. Say they can test it 100 times. Well 1,000 people running evolve 1 time will surpass that easily. Then consider how many games you may play. The number of games played rises immensly in a short period of time, and there will be bugs found in some of those. Not all though. You won’t see one every game.

Example, OP is on PS4 and has mentioned revive bugs, however, I’ve not seen any revive bugs post-5.0. I’ve seen people fall through the map what… 3 times? Out of over 200 games?

I guess each system has its own evolve bugs then aswell as the community bugs that everyone get across all platforms.

Have you had the laz bug where if a hunter has died in a plant you can’t res him after he’s died,the icon is there but the glove don’t work,also when a hunter dies in water and their body sinks a bit you can’t revive them,it shows you can then it stops the revive

Nope, never had it. Usually if a bug is on one platform it will be on the others. We all have the same version of the game right now.