PS4 Bug | WRAITH just FREEZES when using ABDUCTION


Hi Devs,

since I bought Evolve for PS4 lately, I noticed a bug a multiple times.
Often when I use abduction, while aiming on the ground, Wraith just freezes.
Only using his teleport ability cancels the freezing.

@ArPharazon I hope you can do something to help. :slight_smile:



This bug isn’t only for the PS4 platform. It happens to all platforms. It occurs when the Wraith doesn’t have any room to move (E.G. your target is basically right up next to you). If it gets stuck in the proc animation, proc Abduction again and try to back away from your target a bit, the ability should trigger and get you out of the lock as well.


Thank’s. I thought just teleporting cancels the freezing :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice it on PC because I usually don’t use abduction xD
Now I’m doing all the masteries again ( :dizzy_face: ).
That’s why I use it :smiley:


Supernova will also get you out of it.


It also freezes if you play defend and aim at anything with the generator in LOS.


This also happens if you hold it too long.


I am not likely to be able to help personally, because this is a bug in gameplay logic and I’m on the engine team, but I’ve found a bug by this description in our database. The bug is still open, meaning not yet resolved. I’ll note that the bug has now been noticed by users.