PS4 America need a team


What’s up guys. I’m looking for a trapper, Assault, and support. I’m maining Laz FYI

Id really like my team to look like this (Parnell, Cabot, Griffin)
I think they synergize really well with laz due to the fact that most monsters body camp HARD and this combo of hunters will punish that kind of play.

The time for me now is 11:45am central time and at 1pm I’ll be taking a rough 1 hour break then I’ll be back on. Hope to be playing with y’all soon! PLEASE HAVE A MIC!

PSN: Genesis3_1


Great trapper right here add me


PSN name?



Hey if your looking for Cabot im your man, I’m one of the best Cabot players on PS4, add me.

My PSN: Xie_Belvoule

P.S. Only add me if your serious about being competitive and winning.


Just sent it brah. yeah scrubs are getting on my nerves. I’m ready to play for an hour or so now.


psn: Imdaday I consider myself good … I think :sweat_smile: I can be a good assault ( i love to play Parnell and like Markov) trapper or cabot ( or bucket not a good hank)


Good deal I’ll add you but I’m about to head out for work. Hopefully later we can get grouped up and killin dem MONSTERS :smiley:


You guys should check out:

Seeing that it´s in real-time it will be easy to find each others.


This thread should be a good fit, Civ is really cool and have a dedicated ps4 Facebook page: