(PS4) All the bugs I'm still experiencing

  1. The slow jetpack up walls when you have no jetpack charge left still doesn’t work properly. It starts to go up slowly and then drops. You have to jump another few times before it works.

  2. Monster bots are OP. They jump 7 times in a row row, one after another without stopping. Yesterday I saw one Rock throw, and Rock throw again immediately after.
    Also, sometimes as bots they play terribly. Standing next to you walking one way, then the other. Other times they’re incredible aggressive, even on different occasions at the same Stage.

  3. Sometimes you use your class skill and it doesn’t work, but the CD still goes down.
    Mainly with Assault and Support this.

  4. The matchmaking is still broken. Hunt 2.0 still puts me with people who don’t know how to play, which makes me lose games because you need all 4 people to be able to play in this game to win. So my rank slowly gets lowered and lowered because my Assault Shields himself when he isn’t getting attacked and the Medic is trying to damage the monster.
    Evacuation is even worse as you get put as other classes even when your preference is empty.

  5. If you change your class preference after voting on the next map in Evac, it’s like it doesn’t register and puts you as the old class you chose.

  6. Daisy is weird. You follow her and she’ll randomly turn back, stops until you go to her and then decides to turn back in her original direction. No idea how long this has been broke, I only played a game with Maggie yesterday, after a long time as other trappers.

There are way more, such as getting hit, flying in mid air and then dying when I still have HP.

Also, pounce needs to be changed. The whole sneak attack thing needs to change, it is absolutely terrible playing against a monster who uses that. Especially when you refer to my other points about matchmaking with terribads. Not knowing to shoot the monster when they pounce on you. I know this last one isn’t a bug, but I wanted to say it anyway.

There is a whole bug section for things like this, you can copy and paste it in a bug report, K thanks :smile:

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Except that thread is to show us what they’re working on, dear. It’s pinned and locked. @Shaners will log whatever is in this thread. :slight_smile:

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Annnnd that’s why your dah regulah ;D