PS4, Advanced Lazarus player looking for specific teammates


Hello fellow hunters! I have been playing Evolve since the day it was released. I am currently in a team with the #1 Hank, #3 Torvald, and a pretty decent Maggie. This setup is not working for me any longer, seeing how these players like to use their characters. I am in dire need of a full-time Bucket and Maggie player, for a long-term team. I’m willing to teach and give knowledge to anyone who is interested and look forward to your responses! My in-game user is the same as my forum name. Feel free to add!

Top Lazarus, PS4, looking for new teammates

Oh God, I played you and Danny_Dynasty today. I didn’t realize you were a team at first. I totally got destroyed, it realy bummed me out on my monster game, lol. I’ve been doing pretty good, but I played you guys like 3 times earlier today and didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t even get stage 2, I felt so lame.


Hahaha that’s alright man! Hard work and dedication definitely pay off. I’ve faced some monsters that we just could not beat no matter what we tried. It gets frustrating sometimes


GT: ArcticStorm321, im scrimming people today for a team, looking for a really good monster (Goliath) that can do fairly good against competitive hunters. @Courtesity , if your interested we will be playing later today. see you then.


Add moneybound502 asap plz thx


Add moneybound502


cant add you, must be some caps somewhere in your name


just add me GT: ArcticStorm321