[PS4][8.0] Improved graphics?


Have the graphics been improved with this patch ?

I have the feel that the game looks better.

Maybe it’s just me xD.


@ArPharazon can you confirm?
And same. The game looks a lot better.


I do t think so? Looks the same to me. But if any of you know me you know I have been having eye trouble…


I would love for us to collectively claim credit, but I honestly don’t know. :slight_smile: We’re working on the game constantly though, artists and rendering programmers included.

Better in what way?


Particle effects and rain. They look shinier. Also the wildlife looks vastly improved. I can now clearly see a Sloth’s eyes.


I did notice this! I thought it was just a nice little ninja improvement by the developers.

Unless, of course, I’m wrong and my eyes are just seeing what they want to see :confused:


But health bars still invisible :confused:


Wow… Déjà vu… Someone asked this a few TUs ago too, and I’m sure @ArPharazon commented something similar then too…


Quite possible! Sadly I don’t get to make the game prettier. But I sit next to people who do, and I can live vicariously through them sometimes. :smiley:


I’d like to know the answer to this now… I want to know if it was improved, or people are just being swept away with one person agreeing (I think herd mentality fits this?).


I remember that same thread. And I garuntee that it hasn’t changed…


They did make the textures on Lennox’s Plasma Lance look better.


Didn’t think it had, but suddenly I was thinking “Huh… Actually… I think it does look a little…”. Damn it.


Hey… We need to do Evolve sometime.


Yes we do.