PS Vita question


I have a PS vita and I know that all PS4 games are supported on the Vita’s remote play. I was wondering if anyone in TR has tested Evolve on the Vita and how well it plays on it? Some games, like BF4 are just awful on it so I wanted to know if Evolve works well on it


Can you play Crysis 3 on it, then i’m guessing you can play Evolve on Vita…wait a second Crysis 3 was on Ps3 and was lowered to make Crysis 3 playable so i think BF4 on PS4 is the closest game you can compare it to Crysis 3 Pc graphics.
So i’m guessing you wont have good FPS playing Evolve on Vita because i’m having around 100+ FPS on Crysis 3 max settings and BF4 max settings and when i’m getting basic the same FPS on Crysis 3 as i’m having on BF4 then…it’s going to be awful.

And since BF4 on PS4 was close to Pc version…i think you get the point on what i’m trying to say.

P.S it was said by someone that “if you can run Crysis 3 good, then you can run Evolve good” but they are still optimizing the game so dont loose any hope yet :wink:


It wasn’t the frame rate that bothered me, it was the awkward controls. It just feels… weird on bf4


ok, i dont know how the controls was for BF4, i’m a pc player was once a time a console player…


Hey @Brandini - I’d like to hear more about your experience if you have any specific thoughts on “awkward controls” for the Remote Play experience on the Vita. I’ve been looking at how the controls for the game would port over for the handheld experience, so any personal insights you or anyone else may have on the topic would be greatly appreciated.


I have a Vita too, and one of the biggest problems I have is having to use on screen controls to replace R2 and L2. It was a fumble pressing the corners of the screen as the shoulders buttons and it wasn’t effective in situations where you have to do some quick manoeuvres.


Agreed, grenades, sprinting, kinves, and view changes were impossible to handle. (L2 &3 & R2 &3). I also had to adjust the sensitivity on my analog sticks but that wasn’t too bad. Plus BF4 just doesn’t work on a small screen with the distances involved. Need to try a COD (oh god shivers) to see how it handles with it’s tighter spaces. What controls are the L/R 2&3 buttons tied to in Evolve?


I can tell you L3 is for sniffing and (if I remember correctly) R2 is to eat/climb


Thanks, you don’t happen to know any of the controls for the hunters assigned to these buttons do you?


I think L3 does what it does in left for dead, where you call out whatever you’re looking at. But apart from that, I don’t know


I don’t really use my vita for shooters. But even when I played Oddworld Abe’s Odyssey I ran into difficulties with controls, so mapping would have to be done very carefully


Thank you for all the comments and thoughts on the topic. I’ll be taking all of this into consideration as we fine-tune the Vita experience.


Can you say if there’ll be anything in the game that can be used by the PS4 touch pad?


I sadly cannot at this moment, but if you have thoughts or pros/cons regarding its usage, please feel free to leave them here.


Haven’t thought about it much, but if there’s anything that crosses my mind I’ll let you know


Actually, I know the map is tied to another key as well, but I think that would be a good key for the map, seeing as how the touchpad is tied to the vita’s front screen


That’s not a bad idea. I know you press and hold the back/select button (the one left of the xbox/ps logo) to get the map open, so maybe if you just had to hold your finger on the touch-pad instead. That seems a lot easier (CC: @PTGameGeek)