PS(Planet Scanner) is killing Monster's sneaking, manipulates boring and monotonous gameplay


Of course, I definitely agree PS is very good change in Evolve Stage 2. And, it needs to make clear that I never have intention to advocate irritating juke. But current PS is way too strong, making monster have no choice to sneak. Sneaking ONLY works against dumb hunters now. I dont want sneaking to be powerful, but want viable in monster’s gameplay.

So I suggest this :

  • Remove Outline ability that shows all wildlife and monster to trapper while PS activated. PS inform to trapper monster’s exact location and seal off sneaking. Maybe this change can make infravision perks more useful too.

  • Add more cooldown to PS. Current PS is used frequently a bit so no one trapper need to use class ability perks.

These change also makes more useful to tracking weapons : Daisy, Gobi, Dust Tagging, Survey Satellite.


The planet scanner only reveals the Monster’s general location and outlines them if they are not sneaking along with all other lifeforms in a given radius.

It already has a long cooldown. 45+ seconds is not short.


It is 30 cooldown and starts cooldown after 5 sec PS, so 35 cooldown overall. If PS actually have 45 cooldown then its fine.


This make no reasons to play sneaking. Monster must sneak in advance to neutralize revelation and no one can foresight when trapper activates PS.


Just wanted to say I can confirm the scanner doesnt work this way. It will highlight a monster- sneaking or not. Irregardless of range, or combat status

Went and took a screen shot with a buddy just to demonstrate-


The outline should be removed or changed so that sneaking monsters aren’t outlined, but apart from that the Scanner is fine.

Personally I think it adds more depth to sneaking and all- you can go for the entire cooldown of the ability without being detected at all, but once they scan you you need to pull off a juke to get them off of your trail. As opposed to how it used to be- pray for good RNG or carrion birds ruin you.


Sometimes PS dont outline monster, perhaps I overlooked it. Anyway if is true it will be evidence current PS is too powerful.


Devs have already mentioned the possibility of removing the outline, no action on it yet though. That’s the important part, so that it doesn’t give away exactly what you’re doing (i.e. laying it wait or waiting to double back). Another 10 seconds on the cooldown would be a nice buff to juking but whatever.