Proxy's Evolve Gameplay & Commentary Hub


So I have been playing Evolve to a massive extent. I livestreamed the Alpha and Beta and have just been in love with the game ever since I got to play it at Playfire’s Community Event. Everything with this game clicks with me from its gameplay mechanics to gritty art style and so I felt the need to make it a huge part of my channel.

First here is the playlist:

Sadly I don’t do non commentary footage as love to share my thoughts and enthusiasm for games. Content varies between tips and tricks, subscriber coop videos, opinions, livestreams and of course singular matches. My review will also be up after launch too and if you check out my previous ones you will see that I take game critique VERY seriously :smile:

I hope you enjoy my content and I look forward to sharing more daily in the weeks, months and years ahead :slight_smile:


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