Proving Grounds! Buff Stage 3 Monsters


As one of the Top 4 teams, it has come to our attention that even the best of the best monsters cant pull a win. In the entire tournament to the Finals, we took a single hunter loss. One, and that was only because the monster lagged, and teleported. I can tell you that several of those were stage three fights, and hunters are still taking the W without even a down. A stage three monster should be able to absolutely destroy a hunter squad, not hope that they mess up. That’s my two cents.


In all seriousness, Stage 3 isn’t a guaranteed win. It depends on what happened earlier in the match. While the lag can be annoying, it definitely doesn’t warrant a nerf. Stage 3 should not be an instawin- that just encourages the run and hide playstyle.


Totally agree. A good team will make sure you’vw been through hell before you hit stage 3, of you ever do. Stage 3 Wraith is cheese right now.


what team?on xbox with aim mode?


tell microsoft to ban aim assist. and watch as these “pro teams” fall like flies.


And, arguably, a good hunter team would make it extremely hard for the monster to reach Stage 3, especially without losing a few bars of health. The general gist of the stages is that at Stage 1, the Hunters have the advantage, at Stage 2, they’re about even and at Stage 3, the Monster has the advantage.

I think Finals are 8 matches, and to have 7 wins for Hunters, its obvious that the game is slowly being balanced more and more to the Hunters, because Monsters generally win in pubs.


First, I have a question.
Did he/she engage at Stage 2?
Or was it a flee till 3er?


Well, it is Xbox. PC tournaments have pretty high monster winrates.

I play on Xbox, but you gotta admit that the Xbox player population is just not as good. Didn’t the Chappie Challenge also end up going to one side almost the entire time?


your not facing the caliber of auto-aim that console is dealing with lol.


I’ve heard hunters on xbox are really strong because of that auto aim BS.


I play on Xbox. I know how bad the auto-aim is, that’s why I disabled mine.

Also probably the reason for high hunter winrates.


nothing we can do about it. unless the tourney states its not allowed there is little to no reason to not have it on. when you know your adversaries cannot aim but are on or now above your skill level of a monster. its just a salty feeling.

so now iv turned mine on. cuz at the end of the day i want to win. as monster im readjusting the fact that they cant miss. so now its a damage trade. aka i will take X amount of damage. but as long as i dont miss. I will get this strike. if i cannot. then i guess ill dome dodge til i see an opportunity.


That’s sad. You’re kinda ruining the game for yourself.


its fine. one major reason that i argued against it. the game isnt about aiming and damage like a call of duty. its about shot calling when to dome. and positioning in a fight. communication as well.

it sucks but i like the game enough to deal with it. and id rather join in the opness so i can focus on my teammates positioning and tactics rather than fml i missed AGAIN. or “assault why arent you doing damage”

in fact now that i no how much damage a team will do based on not missing. my comps are much more…aggressive lol.


I mean, even though it isn’t CoD, it’s still got an aiming component. You can focusing on positioning and communicating and still aim a gun.

Clearly, the game is worth it, even if the auto aim does need to be fixed. I’m in favor of removing it- playing without it isn’t as bad as people say, and I main Val. I’m not gonna give in to the opness because it’s for fun when you aren’t abusing broken mechanics.


The terrain used for relay fights is extremely Hunter favored to the point where I think unless the Monster is near full health it’s an even fight, or in some cases even Hunter favored. Now you can’t even forever tumble Hunters so that you can actually finish them…

Against good Hunter teams I would much rather fight them stage 2 in an area to my benefit than risk going stage 3 and fighting them without strikes in their fortified position.

Outside of a fortified position, the general game premise is true, though. Fighting a monster at stage 3 when you’re out in the jungle is heavily Monster favored. To risk doing that you have to catch him right as he evolves to punish heavily.

IMO, the real problem is terrain, and how Monsters are clumsy apes that can’t bump Hunters when climbing and are too stupid to stop mid climb to swipe someone. There are also really annoying, small obstacles on some maps that are ripe for abuse. Caira starts pillar humping and you are forced to smash someone else while Caira heals herself… all your work down the drain and now you have no armor. She can even heal someone else while he’s pillar humping since her grenade healing radius can go through walls. Just stupid stuff that adds up.

There are also smaller details like how your size increases but your armor does not - this means weapon spread means less and it’s easier to aim for your skull. This means an easily drained armor bar.

Some Monsters also suffer more for end game fights than others. Kraken suffers less because he ignores most terrain advantages. Aftershock even hits through walls. He can plant mines at one side of the pillar being humped so the Hunter has to deal with it. Goliath and Wraith suffer horribly - Wraith is terribad at actual forced combat and 2 of Kongzilla’s abilities are completely shut down by a good spread of harpoons, mines, or jetpack booster. Charge is useless at the end because it doesn’t help against the constant ledge hopping and climbing, so you have to Rock Throw or Leap Smash climbers or waste a traversal trying to jump punch. At least Behemoth can cheese some relays with Rock Wall. He can make his own terrain. He also has a buttload of armor.


That’s what im saying, the area of the stage three fight itself is SO hunter favored on 90% of maps, and even then, a hunter team can drag the fight away from the relay to a location they like even more,

When i made this thread, i wasnt expecting a bunch of PC players to hop on crying about Aim assist. If i could use a mouse and key board, i would, damn.


A. Theres a reason most monsters only S3 for health purposes, S3 fights are tough on monsters.
B. Its all platforms that have aimbot (I’d say assist but thats a lie), not only PC players have a problem with it


Stage 3 is kind of instawin if the Monster gets there at high health and is competent.

That said, I view Xbox balancing as secondary, with its silly controllers and auto-aim.


A Stage 3 Monster can get a down extremely quickly if they combo correctly, though I wouldn’t mind an attack while climbing.

As Goliath sometimes I Leap Smah such walls to hit Hunters trying to climb, though Fire Breath is a common and efficient guaranteed damage tool.

Charge gets far harder to dodge as Goliath’s size increases.

Wraith can kill extremely quickly with almost no room for reaction with Warp Blast combos, I prefer pairing it with Abduction. Do it out of cloak if you are struggling.

I think most Wraiths just don’t know how to fight properly - she is a combo Monster.


They can, but they have full jetfuel at the beginning of the fight, so they shouldn’t be getting hit by any combos until then, especially now with the changes to tumble.

Charge is useless because it is mitigated by everything. If he’s climbing you can’t hit him, unlike Leap Smash. If there’s a harpoon, it is stopped. If there’s a mine you’ll have to tank it. If he’s given jetbooster it’s an easy dodge. It has no circular radius that can be used to hit targets trying to LOS you behind objects. At least Leap Smash can hit people climbing up.

Wraith is horrendous for end game fights because she doesn’t have the armor or health for a sustained fight. Warp Blast/Abduct combos are a given, but Warp Blast is the reliable damage dealer because of its radius, which just got nerfed a bit. Abduct is easy to spot, easy to dodge, and easy to punish. Supernova hits hard but it ensures you will also be hit hard. You can no longer combo it with Abduct because by the time the Abduct is over the Supernova will be over. You can still try and combo it with Decoy but punishing the real Wraith is very easy. This isn’t something new. Everyone knows that Wraith’s Stage 3 game is weak, it’s been said time and time again even by Black_Aegis when he’s casting.

Stage 3 is only a free win if they’ve got strikes already, in which case you kind of won at Stage 2 and are just sealing the deal for real now, but Hunters that aren’t bads have real legit shots at winning if they don’t have strikes and abuse terrain properly.