Prototype remastered disaster


First of all, if you are not aware, prototype 1 and 2 are action adventure games set in virus infected Manhattan. And this series is in my top 10 favorite game series, so when I see a 50 dollar remastered version of both of them being released for current gen and PC I get hyped, but before I purchase it I Google it and find out it actually runs smoother on the 360 and has frame rate issues with no word of an update. Naturally I avoid the purchase, but what are your thoughts on this?


Well if its remastered then it will have better graphics usually and more shtuff going on so naturally if they push it too far it would have framerate problems. Personally I liked Prototype, unique and all but gets boring after the story is done. Prototype 2 only had re-playability for me in terms of unlocking the Alex Mercer skin because I don’t give a shit what anyone says, Alex Mercer should have been the main character in Prototype 2 and the ending was terrible IMO.

Review on the second game. Completely unnecessary but I typed it up and I’m too lazy to go back and revise it and/or delete it. This isn’t a school essay.

IMO there is no fucking way Alex Mercer would have been killed by… whatever the main character’s name was. I liked the story arc and all but I feel the game would have been MUCH better had it revolved around Alex again. Sure the first game was centered around him gaining his memory and then realizing that he was the one to release the virus. However if memory serves me well, I don’t get why he would then become the villain.
On top of that what the fuck was the story writer thinking when he thought that Alex should give someone else his powers and then allow him to grow in strength to a point where he could defeat him. Don’t get me wrong I still call B.S because Alex was the original host and should be more powerful than God when it came to… god what’s his name… (wikipedia) James Heller.
I enjoyed the whole idea of James trying to get revenge on Alex but it was a dumb concept in my opinion. James blamed Alex for the death of his family because Alex had released the virus on the city but to me it was dumb, it was an indirect action that caused Heller to blame Mercer and then for Mercer to even be able to be defeated by Heller was an even dumber story event. I would’ve much rather seen Mercer as the main character and if not then I would’ve rather seen the story end with Heller’s actions be in vain.

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Game was not bad, but it was just stupid to end it like that… not to sure about remaster though, i mean, just like the remaster of Metro 2033 and 2034, on PC, the touches were small, but noticeable, but i still don’t think that they were worth asking price. I bought them on some sale, so it’s ok, I guess…

If somebody haven’t played Prototype and Prototype 2, i would say, yeah, wait for reviews and make informed decision, if there is no bugs or other issues, i would recommend it. But if already played, skip it… there are more games that are new and not just rehashes that deserve money.


Agreed on most of that. Heller beating Mercer was just…Urgh. :stuck_out_tongue: They made him stupid enough to allow Heller to grow so strong, and then made him weaker than he should’ve been, and it really ruined his image and reputation of the original monster. Pity.


Metro redux was awesome. One of my favorite titles from the 360. So I picked it up on the Xbox one

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I loved the redone stealth mechanics, made the game a whole lot more fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only played the game after the end to get the Alex Mercer skin. I got angry, the whole Heller instead of Mercer was dumb but the ending was terrible. Just… The whole plot was shitty.


I never tried it, I didn’t like the idea from the beginning. I wanted Alex black.


I personally can’t recommend Prototype 2. It followed the story of James Heller which was dumb enough but then they made Alex a villain trying to wipe out the human race which is also dumb because at the end of the first game he was the hero and obviously wasn’t trying to be bad.

If they made another game around him then I’d have been ok with it but. I tried out the second game and the story feels like they made an excuse to make another game. It could’ve been done better. Like… A lot better.


Exactly why I stayed away from it. I don’t like sequels without the main protagonist.


Yeah, I gave it a shot. But without a new story and a different protagonist (which they made Mercer the antagonist :unamused:) it just ends up being the exact same story, find your creator, ask why he made you, talk to him multiple times throughout the story, kill your creator, end up the hero.

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It’s just too similar to the first, I wouldn’t have cared though if they just used Mercer.

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In all honesty, prototype 2 wasnt a bad game, it was just a little short, but it was actually pretty fun (I’d say a decent 7.5/10), it’s only problem is that, in comparison to the first game it was utter garbage and changed too much. The main character, basic fight mechanics, movement mechanics, enemies, art style, collectable system and abilities were all rehashed leaving too little of the original in place to call it a good [PROTOTYPE] game.


If it was the first of the series it’d have been fine. But it being a sequel, it makes it garbage. [PROTOTYPE] was 100% better than [PROTOTYPE] 2 purely because they had changed the main character and the story was too similar, among other things.


well, people on interwebz say that the REMASTER suck ass

skip it, or play original version.


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