Protocol errors and errors and errors


I will start out by saying I love this game. However, I need to fucking rant.

I played evolve last night and was given a protocol error about 15-20 times, maybe more. It happened every match, usually twice per match. It would happen as we’re winning, in lobby. Whenever. It was infuriating. Over and over and over. Protocol errors. I have an open Nat with perfect connection in everything else.

What good is fixing bugs if some of your players can’t even connect properly. This is is beyond obnoxious.

Please check my xbox gamertag, DJK00 (those are zeros) and see for yourself. I’m sure there is a way that when you look up my games you’ll see me getting raped by protocols. I was crazy enough to rejoin all the time because this game is great but I’m losing my patience to play.


Is your network card motherboard built-in, or pci card?

What is the vendor and model of the network card if its a pci card? This could matter if a dev happens across this thread.

Are your network card drivers up-to-date? Yes this can matter in some circumstances

Are IPv6 and IPv4 both installed and running? I don’t know if it affects this game, but disabling IPv6 causes some of my programs to not update.

What is the protocol error received? I only ask since there could be a variety of answers to this.

My go to thing with errors is usually a reinstall of the game, but that could be a pain if internet is lacking. However, if the file that handles connections for the game is corrupted in any way then it could cause this issue.

Ironically I had connection issues -it didn’t state any protocols though just losing connection to host- until I switched graphics cards. I have no idea how that could interfere, but somehow it did. It was a complete change from AMD R9 270 to NVIDIA GTX 960 FTW. I still have the R9 270 sitting on the cabinet behind me. I changed it out this last Thursday so I know it wasn’t a game update (that I know of)


I’m on xbox 1 and have gone through my network settings and everything is perfect. I never have any trouble connecting to other online games.

Thanks for trying to help though, dude.


Didn’t even notice the xbox bit - fail on my part.

Well that’s quite unfortunate :frowning: Sorry I couldn’t be of use.


No worries, thanks again. After some searching it appears some players are having the same problem.

Here’s to hoping it gets resolved somewhat quickly.


I can’t even complete matches. Is the most infuriating thing when a bitch monster runs for 16-18 minutes and ur just chasing, and chasing. And when the timer FINALLY forces them to fight… protocol error. Can’t reconnect. Just wasted 20 minutes of my life I won’t get back. Thank god masteries carry over or I seriously wouldn’t be playing this game still. They need to prioritize fixing this. I’m on ps4 btw.