Protocol error is still alive


Was about to start a game then got kicked with the message ‘protocol error’. My platform is Ps4.


Yeah, sadly, it is on XboxOne too, but, was it dead? 0_o


I was looking for topics and last one is in February, I assume they were gone. Edit: now one pops up from 20 days ago.


Nope. I get it pretty frequently on PC.



Just had this happen to me again PS4

Usually this protocol error causes the PS4 client to crash-to-home-screen, resulting in the need to reboot Evolve (which has closed). I seem to notice this error occurs for me most often while playing as Kraken – with frequency of about 1-4 occurrences per week

Also, can you comment on the state of any extant progress on the fix for this? Frustrating suffering from this since release with no official word or recognition that I can remember.

Thank you.

Edit: Video will not embed when placed on its own line. sigh

Edit Edit: fixxxxxxxxxed!