"Protocol Error", game unplayable, want refund



I already read that it’s a well known bug for quite some time now but that doesn’t change the fact that the game is basicly unplayable for me.

I get the “protocol Error” Bug almost each and every game . I guess you can estimate how happy I am with my purchase.

I actually already checked my connection to several servers across the globe just to measure my packet loss but it’s 0% to pretty much everywhere, my jitter is at about 11-12% all across europe which is pretty average and my ping is pretty common, yet I read in the games log files the following:

<14:56:02> —CTRSPlayer::Revive Setting opacity of entity Z_CanyonStrider_30 to 0
<14:56:03> CSkeletonEffectManager::SpawnEffect() could not find effect
<14:56:06> [net 13:56:06.863] Disconnect; profid=76561198008679604; cause=1; msg=‘Remote disconnected: Malformed packet’
<14:56:06> CGameClientChannel::Release
<14:56:06> SetScreenFade alpha:0.0 duration:0.0 delay:0.0

for some reason the servers send me malformed packets and i’m pretty sure thats not my fault, nor my ISPs so I demand a refund. After a bit of research it seems to be always the same issue. CSkeletonEffectManager:::SpawnEffect() could not find effect. Guess it shouldnt be too hard to fix this bug itf it’s actually known where to look for it…

After quite a bit of research I didnt even find a support system and not even an E-Mail where I could send my demand so I’ll just leave it here for once.

If anybody got a way get in touch with the persons in charge I’d be happy get an E-Mail Adress or something so I can write a formal letter to them.

Thanks in advance


Try just reinstalling the game that seems to help most people who have similar issues with file sin the games directory


Contact 2k for a refund.


I actually just validated the integrity of my game cache via steam. my installation seems to be fine but I guess it’s still worth a try.

I guess the game save is stored on the 2k servers or do i need to back them up manually?