Protect / Ban Pro Mode


Protect/Ban mode added to Custom … The party leader has the option to use it

Each hunter pick a map (4 maps out of 14 hunt maps ) … monster select 1 map to play it Or vice versa

Monster choose to ban a hunter in each class

Hunters can ban 1 monster

Hunters can protect 1 perk … then Monster can ban 1 perk … and each hunter can ban 1 perk for the monster

It’s effective/efficient tool for custom players to ban/protect characters & perk to have a variety of different combs /monsters / play style

Or it could be an added feature to hunt

Only If all hunters /monsters agreed about it …

Pick n Ban System/ Caster Mode

If it’s a custom game, isn’t a gentleman’s agreement enough?

This sounds overly complicated.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, Only in custom

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Honestly I wouldn’t mind something like this actually being in-game (in customs only) in order to create a standardized competition format that could then be taken into account when considering balance issues. Ideally, of course, the game should be balanced so that no player choices need to be removed for fair gameplay to be achieved, but adding some volatility to the ruleset can, in a well-balanced game (i.e. if players don’t all pick/ban the same thing all the time), act to diversify the meta.

That said, I still voted no because frankly I’d never use it and this just seems like a lot of dev effort for very little payoff.


I’d rather have a bigger focus on balance, than on banning things. Versatility is more fun than exclusion.


This would be the optimal thing, but rather difficult to achieve. In my eyes the best short term solution to awkward picks (Lennox vs Kraken, Laz vs Meaty comes to mind) would be that one side (Monster) picks the Map and his role first. Then the other side (Hunters) see that and react accordingly. Like that one side would gain an edge through favorable terrain that they know very well, while the others play with roles that have an edge against their foe.


Against it, waaay too complicated for regular games and all, customs are just friends so you should agree and in pubs it’s just too complicated. So much so that it will hurt the community.


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